Swarovski Trend Forecast Fall/Winter 2013/14!

Swarovski has done it again and impressed us to no end with their Fall/Winter 2013/14 Trend! Here is what they have to say:

As a counter-trend to globalization – where everything begins to look the same the world over – the need to make things local, to make them more appealing, comes sharply into focus. Rustic, rural influences will bring the farm to the inner city, respect will be the new social movement, and a young design direction will embrace darkness and decay. Genuine has overtaken authentic, with the slow food movement inspiring slow fashion, where products are local, resources are regional, and sustainability is stamped on every design.

Reflections on Tradition
The Tyrolean way of life: calm and solid, linked to the land, held together by centuries of tradition, is even more appealing in these troubled times. With society becoming increasingly attracted to folk lore and history, the traditional dress code of the Alpine peasant – the dirndl, loden, and lederhosen – is inspiring others, while our desire to know where things come from heralds a strong movement toward local, sustainable, and traceable ingredients.

Crystal Colors: Crystal Dark Lapis Pearl, Crsytal Red Magma, Crystal Bronze Shade, Khaki, Burgundy, Jet Nut.

Reflections on Darkness
We are now living in what is being called the “Age of Doubt,” where a new generation is growing up without a sense of security. Yet instead of pushing against circumstances that we cannot change, young designers are now rejecting the “happy/healthy” trend and embracing all things dark and dramatic. Much like the Romantics in the past, this “New Romantic” spirit is haunted by a sense of longing a beautiful sense of loss. With its long history of gains and losses Vienna, as a city, is increasingly coming into focus. The ruins of the empire are inspiring a new generation of young designers who have found inspiration in Vienna’s darkly romantic past.

Crystal Colors: Crystal Red Coral Pearl, Crystal Grey Pearl, Crystal Blue Shade, Ruby, Purple Velvet, Jet.

Reflections on Progress
From the snow-covered peaks to the city streets, the vibrant energy of the Austrian Alps is influencing design. With a focus on active, sports-inspired streetwear, the on going trend of getting closer to nature, “Glamping” (glamor camping), hiking, wandering, ski touring, and skiing is influencing everyday design with a practical, athletic feel. Offering a sense of well being and fulfillment, helping us to cope in a world of efficient visual, modern technology, the desire to react and re-energize ourselves is captured through this powerful theme.

Crystal Colors: Crystal Silver Night, Crystal Neon Yellow Pearl, Fern Green, Crystal Aurore Boreale, Light Turquoise, Crystal Astral Pink.

Reflections on Beauty
Showcasing a more delicate and enchanting lifestyle, the Glamour theme takes us on a sentimental journey. Opera, balls, waltzes, and classical music are all influencing modern, glamorous design injecting it with sweetly subdued sense of beauty. The emergence of a new breed of beautiful young Royals has seen correctness and decency become the buzzword for a new generation. Textiles reemerge from the past, becoming and inspiration for style and design, and the glamorous heyday of the beautiful Viennese Waltz will influence a new generation who will seek to find solace in beautifully crafted designs.

Crystal Colors: Crystal Ivory Pearl, Rose Peach, Crystal Luminous Green, Crystal Blue Shade, Light Turquoise, Vintage Rose.

Thank you Swarovski! Happy Beading! – Sam

5 comments to Swarovski Trend Forecast Fall/Winter 2013/14!

  • Arlene Alasandro

    As much as I am loving all the Swarovski Trend forcasts-I’m loving you guys for sharing it on your blog!!

  • Brittney Sepulvado

    I love these, but I think Glamor and Progressive are my favorites.

  • Luzdeline Gonzalez

    Everyday loving more the Swarovski Elements for the creation of new jewelry each new season. From this collection i like the Crystal Colors from Glamour contrasting with the Classics.

  • Glamour is my favorite with progressive close second. Of course, any color combo that Swarovski puts together always looks beautiful.

  • Bev

    I love them all but if I had to narrow it down I would chose the Glamour with all the lovely and feminine colors in it. Second I would chose the Classic…I love the way that it includes colors such as khaki, burgundy and crystal bronze which are such lovely colors for fall and winter and they go so well with most fall clothing colors.

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