Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

A handy tool to keep in your beading stash is the jewel setter. This tool is perfect for working with small flat back crystals and crystal stones that are too tiny to work with using just your fingers. A light touch from the sticky end of the setter picks up itty bitty crystals. The jewel setter comes in a package of two, so you can use the pointed end of the second tool to set the crystal in place in your project.

Even though the jewel setter is intended for working with crystals, I also keep this tool nearby while working on resin and glaze projects. When making sure an image is the correct size for my bezel, I’ve gotten my paper stuck more times than I care to admit. And if the paper is sized correctly it is incredibly difficult to get it back out of the bezel unharmed. Instead of getting frustrated, use the sticky end of the jewelry setter to grab and lift the paper out of your bezel!

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

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