Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

There are so many things you can do with sheet metal, like sawing unique shapes that can be textured, dapped, formed or stamped to make one of a kind works of jewelry art. All of these projects become extra fun when you start working with the bright colors and unique patterns of Copper Patina and Anodized Aluminum Sheet Metal by LillyPilly Designs . Today’s tips are all about getting the best finished product when working with this type of sheet metal!

To protect the design on your Copper Patina and Anodized Aluminum Sheet Metal by LillyPilly Designs from being scratched or damaged, you’ll want to keep the blank side down as you work. Regularly clear any metal shavings and filings off of your work surface, as these will scratch the metal of your piece. If you do need to place your sheet metal patina or design side down, use a towel or other piece of cloth to create a soft barrier between the sheet metal and your work surface. It’s not unusual for some of the patina to come off of these richly colored copper sheets while you’re working, but you can paint your finished Copper Patina piece with Jewelry Shield or clear nail polish give the finish long term protection!

Any time you saw a shape out of sheet metal you’ll want to use a metal file on the edges of your piece to smooth away any burrs or rough spots. When filing the edges be sure to keep the file straight up and down or perpendicular to your piece as you work. Filing at an angle leads to rough, sharp and uneven edges. A ring clamp is another handy tool for finishing sheet metal, as it helps stabilize your piece during the filing process.

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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