Welcome to Our NEW Website!

Have you heard? FusionBeads.com has some awesome new changes and I’m thrilled to welcome all of you to our brand new website! Working on the Customer Support Team here at Fusion, I know firsthand how much we listen to our customers and how valuable your feedback is to us. Because you asked, we’ve improved your shopping experience. After all, it’s all about you! You having the best products, the best Inspiration Projects, the best information from a source that really cares about what you want. Here are some highlights on our new website:


More Eye Candy – Remember those really nice images we had? Well, they just got bigger, better and more captivating!


Search Product AND Inspiration – We’ve introduced a smarter Search tool. But there’s more – and it’s something you’ve all been waiting for! Not only can you search by product description, product code, color and shape – you can now change the Search to “Projects” and search our entire Inspiration Project gallery by title, technique, color and more!


Drop Down Menus – We’ve done away with all that scrolling you used to do and brought our navigation bar up to the top of the site. Just hover over a category to see the types of items you want to shop for.


Shopping Filters – New visual and word filters allow you to bring the item you want right to you – without all that pesky clicking around to find it!


Customer Reviews – We love to listen to what you have to say to us, but we also know that having a strong beading community means letting you share your own experiences with each other.  You can now review the great products we carry as well as our Inspiration Projects!


Get Started – We welcome beginning beaders and encourage you to jump right in with our comprehensive Get Started section! It makes learning to bead easy and straightforward.


Inspiration Zoom – I’m very excited about this one. Our beautiful Inspiration Projects are now easier to see in high resolution detail with our new, more powerful Zoom! Just hover over the project’s image to see it up close. Don’t worry, our free printable instructions are still available along with all the information you need in easy to use tabs.


Our Fusion Beads Community – One of my favorite aspects of being a Customer Support Team Member is having the opportunity to see what others in our online community are doing, sharing my own creativity and supporting our customers in their projects and goals. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and our Blog, The Creative Room, have been wonderful ways to get to connect with you all.
Last, but not least, Fusion Beads has a new logo! Now, every time you see a necklace, I hope you think of us.
Enjoy our new look and improved site features! Remember, these are just some highlights. Visit our How to Use our NEW Website Q&A for an in depth
look at what’s new!


Happy beading!

11 comments to Welcome to Our NEW Website!

  • Holly L.

    I love the new look however, I’d love some step by step instructions on the inspiration projects. Just saying “use this technique and then this technique” is not enough. You’d probably get more orders that way. I see some things I’d love to make but don’t understand the pdf so I won’t buy the stuff to make it. :(

  • Looks very nice, but I got lost trying to find some components I wanted to order in a hurry. I’ll get used to it I hope! Wishing you the best!

  • I totally agree with Holly.

  • Charlene B.

    I think the new layout is awesome!!

  • Wow! The new website is awesome. I love the high resolution detail. The ability to zoom in so close when looking at the inspiration projects makes them easy to duplicate. I also love the search tools. I found just what I wanted without needing to go through several layers. The ability to review products is nice too. I like the opportunity to learn what others thought of something, and I like to share my experience. Good job!

  • lorelei

    Unfortunately none of the links in your post are working. And the website is not working for me either. I’m using Chrome. I’ll have to try another browser…

  • Glad you introduced your new website, it is very colorful and appealing…One thing, I am disapointed to see you change your policy on free shipping, there were times when I just needed to change out something in a hurry and your company was nice enough to send it quickly (most of my orders exceeded the $25) Now I’ll have to use the local bead store, not nearly as convient as you!

  • Sam H.

    I totally agree with Dorie, I liked the free shipping. I’m dissapointed that I now have to spend $25 in order to get free shipping, and I don’t always sped that much, mainly because I am still too young to get a job, so I don’t have that much money.

    Other than that, I like the new website, especially how the biggest picture always changes to show defferent things.

  • cyndi chain

    I love the new website. but i think you need a section of how to’s. show us new techniques by making a piece. include there the instructions and the componets needed. link the componets to your shop or some way to add all the componets to the shopping cart. i know when i see something new i want to try it. this would help us, and help you with additional sales. what do you think

  • cyndi chain

    a few more things. i hope you dont mind
    i think you need free shipping. also, 10% off? most stores offfer 25 to 35 % off. now a days, the cheaper place i can get it, im sorry but i have to go there. when money was easier a year ago, it wouldnt have bothered me so much

  • Kalli

    I’m really disappointed in the new free shipping requirement of $25 – I was literally JUST discussing with people on a separate blog about how much free shipping persuades us to do business with an online shop, and mentioned that I had spent thousands at one of my jewelry suppliers for materials, for the most part because free shipping kept me from pausing (and changing my mind) before placing an order.

    Maybe a handful of my FusionBeads orders have been small, but the VAST majority were large, and I was loyal for years, with free shipping thing on all orders as the one factor that set Fusion apart. But now I’ll be looking at all your competitor supply companies a lot more.

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