Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Leather is a fun material to incorporate into your jewelry designs, but it behaves very different from fabric. Today’s tips will help take some of the stress out of wrangling your leather into beautiful jewelry! Leather isn’t self-healing like cloth, so you don’t want to use safety or straight pins with it. If you’re cutting out a specific pattern trace the shape on the reverse side of your leather with chalk or a Sharpie. If you’ll be able to see both sides of the leather in your finished piece and don’t want any marks on it, cut your pattern out of stiff cardboard and use pattern weights to hold it in place against the leather while you cut. Always use your sharpest scissors when cutting leather. To get the cleanest lines don’t close the blades of your scissors completely with each cut, instead only close them halfway as you move them along your pattern lines to avoid jagged edges. Leather can be very tough to stitch through. Set aside your beading needles and use a regular hand sewing needle or a leather needle for these projects. Having a thimble and a pair of chain nose pliers on hand will save your fingers as you try to work through extra tough spots. You can also skip needles entirely and use a punch to make holes in the leather for your thread! If you’re sewing two pieces of leather together remember not to use straight pins! Try using binder clips or even double sided tape to hold the leather together while you work.


Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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