The Everyday Necklace

I’m the queen of wearing the same necklace every day. Somehow I just fall in love with a particular piece and keep wearing it over and over and over again. So, to solve this problem, Lindsay helped me come up with a simple way to keep it mixed up without boring the people I see every day. Interchangeable stamped pendants! Each is stamped with different symbols and in different shapes. They can be mixed and matched depending on your mood. Use a small silver-filled blank and a single metal stamp. Antique the stamped design to bring out the details. If you don’t feel like bringing out the liver of sulfur, try using a black Sharpie to highlight the design. Lindsay loves this technique, especially when she’s working on a last minute design. Need a touch of color? Add a couple of wire wrapped beads into the mix. Then put it all on a ball chain necklace and you are set! No more same old same old every day!

These are great for gifts as well. Keep these little gems at the ready for those last minute gifts. Make sure you have a good selection to fit each of your giftee’s personalities – from whimsical to sporty. They will absolutely love their delicate, personalized necklaces.

Happy Beading! – Katie

2 comments to The Everyday Necklace

  • Jude

    I guess I’m not like you, Katie, ’cause when I put on a necklace, it’s never just a pendant on a chain but something dressier. It’ll either be part of a set or worn with coordinating earrings. But for those who wear simple pendant on a chain necklaces, your idea is great!

    I’m assuming I wasn’t the lucky winner of the emerald crystal earring & necklace set, since I never got the notifying email. :D But out of curiosity, do we find out who is?


    Hi Jude! We announced Nicole M. as the winner of our Popular Past Inspiration Jewelry Giveaway on Friday, June 29th. Anytime you’re curious, you can see the name of a blog winner on that giveaway’s blog post!

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