Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

It’s time to start planning for summer vacations and getaways. Just because you’re going out of town doesn’t mean you have to leave your jewelry at home. Whether you are travelling by plane, train or automobile, today’s tips will help keep your jewelry safe during your summer adventures!

Loose jewelry can become easily tangled or damaged if left loose in your baggage. You’ll want to make sure your pieces are padded against rough handling and even protected from each other since metal components and sharp edged beads can cause scratches and chips.

Before you pack, un-do the clasps on your necklaces and bracelets to relieve their tension and prevent them from breaking when compressed into small spaces. A padded jewelry roll is a great way to protect and separate your jewelry in your luggage. Another solution is to use heavy plastic bags, like those your FusionBeads.com orders arrive in, and bag your precious pieces individually. Small containers like seed bead tubes or stackable jars work well when lined with bubble wrap or a soft cloth. And little drawstring fabric pouches are yet another way to travel with your jewelry! For extra protection, you can even tuck your little jewelry packages into a shoe.

Happy summer travels! – Gretchen

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  • Jane Morris Coons

    I have a mini bead board and mini pliers that I bought in a kit. I love to visit bead stores where I vacation – my favorite is on Cape Cod. I’ll pick up some beads for a project; whatever suits my fancy. I fill a small plastic bag with findings from home, along with common stringing materials. Then I’m all set to bead, and have the finished piece as a souvenier as I bought the beads on my vacation.

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