DIY Jewelry Display

For the challenge this week I decided to make a jewelry display. I have these great pieces of wood I salvaged from an abandoned (and soon to be torn down) home and have been dying to do something with them. Finally here is my chance! Included below are some step by step photo’s of the process along with a supply list. Making a jewelry display can be a daunting task, but once I began, I realized how simple and inexpensive it could be. All in all this project cost me under $15, plus I recycled some wood and I now have a lovely display so I can see all my jewelry!
I hope you have fun making your own display. I’d love to see your creations.

Tools and Materials:

1. Tiny Hooks (to hang your jewelry from)

2. Sawtooth Hangers and nails (to hang the display to the wall)

3. Hammer, chain nose pliers, ruler and pencil.

4. Wood panels for the display

5. Then, of course, we all need our kitty cat helper!

Step 1:

Measure and mark the back of the wood panels so you know where to hammer in the nail for the sawtooth hanger. I marked a spot 2 inches in from the outer edge and 2 inches down from the top with an “X”.Step 2:

Place the sawtooth hanger on the marked spot and hold the nail through the hole on the right side. Make sure to line up the nail with the “X” from step 1.Step 3:

Hammer in the first nail and once that was secure hammer in the second. Repeat this on both sides of each piece of wood, for extra security when hanging.

Step 4:

Take some time to decide where to place the hooks. Depending on how many hooks you have, or how much jewelry, you can take the number of hooks and divide it by the lenght of the wood. For example if you have 5 hooks and the wood is 10 inches long then you would place your hooks at 2 inch intervals. Be sure to measure this out so the hooks are evenly spaced out.Step 5:

Using your measurements push the hooks into the wood. Then, twist until the hook is firmly secured in the wood.Step 6:

There should be no space between the hook and wood surface.Step 7:

Sometimes the hooks get stiff and it’s difficult to get them completely flush with the wood. Here’s where you can use your chain nose pliers and twist the hook securely into the wood (I must say, this also really helped my fingers which after ten or so hook twists were beginning to feel rather sore)Step 8:

After twisting for what seemed like hours, you can see the three wood panels with most of the hooks twisted in and it’s starting to take shape!

Step 9:

Hang the completed panels on the wall and voila! You have an organized jewelry display with all your pieces right at your finger tips!

I am so excited and happy about how it turned out. How about you? – Sam

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