Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls Neoncolors and Crystal Astral Pink Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Candy W., on winning this amazing collection of Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls Neoncolors and Crystal Astral Pink!

They have arrived! We are so excited about the new line of Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls Neoncolors and Crystal Astral Pink! If you love them too get excited because we are giving away everything you see in this photo below to one lucky winner! There is an assortment of sizes of the new neon orange, neon yellow and neon pink crystal pearls in one box and different shapes and sizes of the new crystal Astral Pink in another! Neon is all the rage this season, and if you need any inspiring ideas of what to create with these bold beauties as well as the Crystal Astral Pink, just check out our Inspiration Page! For a chance to win this amazing stash of beads and pendants, leave a comment on this blog post telling us how you would use this new line in your jewelry designs! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, May 25, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Allie

1,113 comments to Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls Neoncolors and Crystal Astral Pink Giveaway!

  • Sonya

    These colors are HOT right now. I would make jewelry pieces to compliment all the great summer fashion pieces found in nearby boutiques.

  • Luann Oleson

    I love the hot new neon colors, and the pink really speaks to me. I would make a “pearl” 4 or 5 strand necklace, using all the various sizes in a random “pattern”, casually overlapping them for a “jumbled” look. Great with a white summer t-shirt & khaki pants.
    And don’t forget the pop of pink lipstick!

  • Tracy Chambers

    I am a recent widow and on workers compensation. I took up beading just to make extra money but realized I enjoyed doing as well. I make bottomless flipflops and these beads would look like colors you could wear to the beach or pool. Such bright and summery colors that would stand out and show off the “fancy feet” I could make with them. I hope I win so I have the chance to work with them and make something that looks hot and cool for summer.

  • Sherry Conowitch

    I Love these beads…HOT…HOT…HOT!!! They are so on trend for this season. I hope I can win them! I’m already thinking of things I will make with them!! I really love the hot pink…it’s screaming to me!!!

  • Sadie

    I love the hot new colors. It would be awesome to make some retro 80’s jewelry with those neon beads.

  • Kaydee

    I love bracelets — these new beautiful fun & flirty colours would make a great chunky bracelet.

  • Christina DiSimone

    I really like the selection in the box, is bold, exciting, and its not somethin you see every day. i would try and combine them to make a braclet, neclace, and earings set! i would get some sead beads size 11 and size 8 to mix with, just to compleate the look! that is if i am chosen as the winner :)

  • Dawn Saxen

    I can see a chandelier set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet to match the CZ padparasha ring I just got for mothers day from my grandkids.Its the same color as the smallest oval in the ad.

  • J. Schmidt

    I’m thinking something for fun in the sun, maybe a multi-strand bracelet to wear with a swimsuit or cover-up? I would imagine that these baubles look great against tanned, summertime skin!

  • Gill Colling

    WOW bright, I think a double flat spiral weave bracelet or/and necklace for starters. And then an embroidered cuff with some of the larger crystals.

  • Jill Pyeatt

    I like to make big and colorful pieces so people will see them–I can’t wait to see what I can do with these neon pieces!

  • My tree of astral pink will have branches, heavy with hanging neon fruit.

  • Varda

    These are real cool ! But the colors are really strong so you have to take care not to use too much of it, so I would make earnings, earnings and some more earnings !

  • Oh these are just gorgeous…I would love to use these in my half moon pendants and tree of life artwork.

  • Brittney McMurry

    My two year old daughter and I love to make jewelry together. She loves it when I make her something “purty” to wear, especially if it is pink! I know I have some nice blue wire that would complement the orange and some nice green bicoines that would complement the pink, just a little something to keep the brightness and boldness of the eye catching stones that will tone it down just enough so it wont stop traffic! I would defiantly make a tiara for my little princess with some of the pearls and bicones and I would use the “ring” shaped stone as a clasp for one of her princess capes or make it a clasp for a funky belt with some stones woven into it. Speaking of rings, I would use one of the larger stones as a focal point for a stunning wire wrapped ring for me! Can’t forget about mama!

  • Wow, aren’t the colours exciting. I would use them to make stunning chunky bracelets to really show off the colours. ;-)

  • Carol D

    LOVE the pink!!! I would make some wrapped bracelets with black leather and put on a BIG funky pink button. I love pink and black together. I can also see these with satin cord – the finish on the pearls have a satin sheen, so satin cord would look great with them and the crystals would give it even more pop. What a great giveaway!

  • Michelle

    The new colors are so HOT and so in right now! I would love to make a set (necklace – bracelet – earrings)to wear on my vacation this summer. The colors would add to all my outfits.

  • Dori

    The new colors are very exiting for spring and summer! I would be excited to make a bracelet and earrings with them!!!!!!!! I would hope I have some left over to experiment with a ring as I have not made one before.

  • Barbara P.

    I love the colors in the set, especially the crystals that show off the pink in the pearls. Since chunky style jewelry is all the rage for summer, these would make great casual and fancy pieces for summer. The combinations would make a great necklace or bracelet set to set off a great tan with a bright fushia colored top. I would love the opportunity to win these beads.

  • joanne church

    Very New to beading, so happy that i came across your site…A Few ideas popped into my head when i was staring into space and imaging what great creation i could achieve with these Neon beads and crytals.
    First i’d make a big cluster, like a bunch of grapes hanging from a chain, plus matching earings….some funky neon wine glass charms, as it’s all about Al fresco living at the moment in my part of the world. Finally any beads left i’d make a big splash of colour for my beach bag….a neon bag charm.

  • Dimitra Papanagiotou

    I love the hot new neon colors,big and colorful pieces

  • Bridie

    I would make a really long wrapped bracelet with the pink,yellow and orange on satin cord that I could wrap several times around my wrist to wear on the beach…. and a wire wrapped ring with one of the oval crystals for the evening….and a matching pendant….and…and…and…so many ideas in my head!!!

  • I would use them to make a summery necklace, with “floating” neon beads. Would be great!

  • Dana

    I would incorporate these citrusy colors into a line of beaded pieces inspired by lemonade and Italian ice.

  • Wow, these are bright! Reminds me of the 80s neon colors. I would mix these pearls with darker color chain like gunmetal and antique bronze to make necklaces and bracelets. The crystal pendants would look great on black or dk brown leather too! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • These colors are brilliant and fun. Timeless and lovely like all swarovski crystals. They are a girls Being Dream come true ( sparkle,shine and brilliant and colors). Who wouldn’t dream of winning or getting the chance to wear such elegant treasures. I create with polymer clay alot and swarovski crystals and pearls are my favorite other medium to use with clay. I can see these toundpears octagon shaped swarovski cabachon as amazing flower centers with pretty clay petals surrounding then, with a lovely dangle of the largestfridge dew drop crystal, accented by several of the pearls and crystals to match. Fun Earrings that dangle and pop because these colors are amazing. Swarovski crystal and pearlsclay hanging from aa simple earwire, mixture ofof all sizesI and colorsI of crystalsa and pearlsI dangling inbelow a lovelyfew graduated crouo of danglinga sparkle andpony’s fun. Then I would make a delightful crystal and Pearl cha cha bracelet to highlight several if the geometric swarovski crystals. Alternating crystals and pearls, making the shapes of the larger swarovski crystals crystals dangle pop and shine, two of then, one round and a Hoke on the center, other medium geometric almost flowerlike with the center focal as the dew drop. Ahh three large vibrant brings surrounded by round and bovine shaped treasured brings. Wow. With the the smallest of three swarovski crystal cabochon I would use as sting center, surrounded by beautiful polymer clay petals to match. An amazing show storing piece of blog and soft swirls of clays in mixed matching pearlized color petals to match the pendant. And lastly I would use more clay petals and make a large polymer clay flower petal headband flower with the amazing middle size swarovski crystal cabochon as the center, on the background on the filigree headband base I would sculpt leaves in green Pearl clay and surround the leaves and flowers with the remainder if the tiny pearl accents in all colors. Brilliance, beauty, fun, elegance and timeless treasure jewelry pieces any woman would love to add to their jewelry I collection or share with loved ones. Thank you for sharing the delightful crystal colors and making me feel truly inspired.

  • elissa

    uh oh, 80’s flasback! I’m a bead embroidery freak, and I love to make big cuff bracelets! These colors would work well with some softer toned pears and metallic seeds! Can’t wait to get started!

  • I have been happily beading for three years now.
    I would use these bright, eye popping beads
    in bracelets, earrings and necklaces.
    I would compliment them with a black Swarovski
    pearl to make the color pop to the extreme.

    I am also designing a jewelry line for a dance studio.
    This years recital theme is 80’s with neon colors
    running through it. Before the release of these pearls
    finding Neon Swarovski was impossible!

  • Jinjoo

    I will make dangle earrings with silver chain and these eye catching pearls.

  • Maria

    I would make as many pieces as possible and donate to nursing homes so the residents can have something sparkly and summery

  • Cynthia

    Fantastic! These beads and crystals would be fabulous to work with! They would lend themselves to all sorts of excellent play time! The possibilities are tantalising!!! With those colours you could make a killer summertime piece to die for! I’m thinking some wild ‘over the top’ earrings with a ‘loaded’ bracelet and de rigeur understated necklace……’what? this ol’ thing? I only wear it when I don’t care how I look’……hehehehheh (quote from ‘Its a Wonderful Life’…..and it so would be if I won!!!! :)
    Heres hoping!

  • nancy momono

    GREAT Summer colors. Can’t wait to make something

  • cassandra

    I would use the neon pearls mixed witht the crystals to make some great summer bracelets, necklace and of course matching earings

  • wendy russell

    The colors say summer to me> I would have to touch each one and have days of fun just laying them out to see what they would like to be

  • I would make pearl rings with matching earrings.

  • Marjorie

    These are some of the prettiest colors! So HAPPY and they’ll dress up any outfit. Can’t wait to play with them!

  • Linda

    I think these colors are absolutely fabulous I can see using these in necklaces and braclets, earrings and so other many ways. They hit all the spring and summer colors in fashion and would add the finishing touches on so many outfits. As many of us are now on limited incomes to win this treasure trove would make my day. I also make candle jewelry which is a chain with crystals attached to go around the top of the big candles then set them in the sunlight boy any of this would make them pop. I would also add them to sets for the fall using copper and silver leafs and charms of fall. These are so great really for all seasons

  • Laura skorupa

    What great colors! Just in time for summer. What couldn’t you do rings bracelets earrings necklace chokers. My friends get together to have jewlery parties, we would all dive in and start creating!

  • Barb

    Move over Carmen Miranda! These colorful pearls would compliment any summer piece. I would use them for bracelets with flip flop charms, earrings that have the pearls dripping from fine chains and necklaces full of summer flowers.

  • Don’t you just want to eat these!!! What a perfect way to start the summer, anyone would be lucky to win these.

  • I love pink/orange combo for the summer–the new colors are so vibrant it would def add some pop into my collection which is typically classic styles. It would allow me to funk it up a bit–okay a lot!!

    I can see doing clusters of the pearls and crystals hanging from the middle of sterling silver chains….yummy!!

    Pick me!! Pick me!!

  • Mary

    WOW! SPECTACULAR! I would make a BIG BOLD necklace for my dear friend Bev. She goes big on everything and it truly works for her. I can see her in it! The colors are so fantastic and would make a beautiful multi-layered necklace. Thank you for chance to win!

  • monique

    I would decorate a beach bag, coordinated with an anklet and decorated flip flops. A long single strand chain with intermittent beads. It could be a 42 inches so I could make it convertible (necklace bracelet choker ). Earings to match and if anything is left over…decorate sunglasses with crystals. I would be fabulous…until my daughter “borrows” it.

  • Kathy Jo Rodester

    Cant wait to check these out

  • I Love big bold in your face colores in me jewelry designs .The new colors and designs make my thoughts just POP .I would love to make a brite set of necklace earrings & bracelet with thoughs new beads .Swarovski’s have become my beads of choice for quite a while now in my jewelry. I would realy love to win more in this contest.

  • sharon

    Just my colors. Love Love Love

  • Pam

    I have taught fourth and fifth grade students to kumihimo. They love color. I would love to incorporate these bright beads (children LOVE bright colors) into kumihimo and share them with my students!

  • Maureen Richardson

    I love these fantastic new beads and the colours are so now. I can see my granddaughter and I have some great crafting times making some lovely pieces with them. Oh the mind is just swirling with ideas.

  • Chris O'Connor

    Hot summer colors, both playful and stunning. Will make beach to dance floor style earrings that draw attention to the face.

    What fun.