Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Do you ever feel like your beads are trying to escape? Once they are out of their tube or bag loose beads are a challenge to contain. Our Design Boards are very handy for keeping beads in line when planning a particular project, but if you’re like me sometimes you need to lay out a whole bunch of beads before you can decide what to work with that day!

To prevent my beads from escaping I like to cover my work space with a piece of velvet or corduroy fabric before I spread out my supplies. These fabrics have a pile of upright fibers that help prevent beads from rolling every which way. Those of us who sew as well as bead probably have fabric like this already in the scrap bin. If you haven’t built up a fabric stash as large as your bead stash, take a trip to your local fabric store. Most will have a remnant bin with bargain fabrics from the end of a bolt. You don’t need a lot of fabric to work on – my table cover is only 2 feet square and if you are handy with a sewing machine you can even add a fun trim to finish off the edges of your table cover!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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