Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Sylvia B., on winning this amazing collection of Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper!

Do you love Vintaj Natural Brass and Vintaj Pure Copper as much as we do? If so, get excited because we’re giving away a beautiful collection of bezels, stamping blanks, fastenables, filigree and more! One lucky winner will receive everything you see in this jam packed photo! Take a look at our Beading Techniques page for an endless amount of inspiring ideas! There are so many possibilities with Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper, you can stamp, embellish, form or even paint it! Also, Vintaj Natural Brass is eco-friendly, nickel free and lead-free compliant. What more could you ask for? To enter to win this fabulous giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what color or color combination you would use with these Vintaj goodies! One winner will be randomly selected and notified by e-mail on Friday, April 27, 2012, 4 PM PST.

679 comments to Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper Giveaway!

  • betty garner

    i would use freshwater pearls and lots of blue zircon swarovski crystals. WOW

  • Nancy Moore

    I’ve always loved cobalt blue with copper – it makes a great statement. Also would love to add these beauties to my collection.

  • I love Vintaj and pair it with every color under the rainbow but am seriously into brown right now, I think it is because I am getting ready for fall magazine submissions also blue for winter. Yum, I hope I win!

  • With the copper – vedrigris hues of turquoise and greens and with the vintaj natural brass oranges and purples :)

  • opal colors…ochre/gold, periwinkle/lilac and rose madder…and a touch of aqua…thanks for the chance to win!

  • Stacia Hand

    Lovely pieces. I’m fond of turquoise and a nice spring green with my coppers and brass- perhaps peridot.

  • Angela Z

    I would use Navy and black. Maybe some brown.

  • Jennifer Davis

    I would use greens, yellows, rusts. Love the Vintaj stuff!

  • Margaret Sherman

    I’d use earthy colors. Browns, greens and blues. Great pieces! Great giveaway, Fusion Beads!

  • My mind is reeling from the possibilities! Green Patina & some cobalt, I think would be nice.

  • I just bought some pale blue glass beads that would look wonderful with the darker pieces, as well as some pinky-orange beads that would look fabulous with the copper. I’d love to win this batch – I adore Vintaj and have a list of projects that I could make with these!

  • I love the earthy tones of the brass and copper, so I pair that up with yellows, oranges, greens. I also love the pop of bright white with the brass!

  • These days I’m really loving pale green with brass & copper. A little bit of shiny clear here and there to make it stand out.

  • Sandra B

    I would mix these wonderful pieces with the blues and greens of land and sky and bright jewel tones to reflect the beauty found in nature.

  • I love greens and purples with the antique brass finish. These are wonderful pieces.

  • jennifer flaten

    I love the natural themes in this collection, it cries out for greens, oranges and blues.

  • Stacy

    I would use Blues and Greens-Perfect color to use with Brass and Copper!

  • I would use Tifanny blue with orange accents.

  • I am partial to purples.

  • Brenda Davis

    I would use beautiful blues, bright yellows and earthy greens!

  • Pam Chesbro

    I love the hues of blue with copper. I especially love cobalt because it is “my signature color”. I buy everything cobalt blue I can find. Opal would pair nicely I believe. Beautiful collection. Thanks!

  • Sally

    I would love to win ..I just got a new Sizzix, and am so excited to start some pretty pieces..
    My favorite colors would be purple,turquoise and copper..Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • kirsty

    I’d go for a Victorian theme with ruby reds, emerald greens and sapphire blues, sprinkling a few cream pearls for good measure…. Mmmmm :)

  • Darcy Shelstad

    Turquise, blues, browns. a couple of items to form a cabachon to a fushcia piece I have. I just love Vintaj and find there pieces so fun to work with from wrapping, layering, pantinas, riveting, resin and I could just go on and on. What a fun collection!

  • Karen

    I would use springtime colors, lilac, baby blue, pale yellow. Love, love, love Vintaj!

  • I love turquoise blues and cream colors….want to try to use my Sizzix for stamping patterns on some of them…

  • Kate Johnson

    I would use shade of purple and green. :D

  • Susan Marling(quiltingjewel39)

    With the copper I would use verdgris and turquoise beads and patinas With the brass, I would use a warm gold and oranges and browns. Of course, I would emboss or stamp some and throw in some ribbon and who knows what else! Would love to win so I could play.

  • Julie Bishop

    Red or dark blue fresh water pearls are a great way to dress up copper and brass. Add a little leather and VA-VA-Va Voom…. Sexy!

  • Joan Forrester

    I have never used any Vintag products before, I keep looking at them, but have never been able to order the..If I had them, I would do earth, beige, moss greens, but I also love pale blues…Oh I could do SO much!!! Thank for the chance to win some…I am already hooked on buying beads, so this would be another addiction!!! lol

  • Tammy Emerson

    Hmmm…seeing lots of botanical like items – makes me think of fall and my favorite Swarovski crystal – Crystal Copper!!! Maybe some pretty freshwater pearls as well in pretty fall tones!

  • I love everything Vintaj and and I seem to be partial to aqua with the copper and pumpkin fall colors before you know it. I am working with some copper and a torch right now. Patina play is next. What ever my mind spins I love with Vintaj.

  • Jess Stephan

    Swarovski crystals in ruby, sun, and vintage maderia ab.

  • Judith Whitcomb

    Turquoise and lapis, for sure. Love that combination. And I’d be trying out the Vintaj patinas that I just got!

  • first I’d use my stand~by, copper w/ the lighter copper. next I’d try some of my african trade beads w/ the darker metal tones.Thanks for the chance!

  • Wendy Blanton

    I love to use satin red, cobalt blue, dark green or black with antiqued metals like these. Love all the Vintaj stuff!

  • Barbara Duncan

    I love to pair Vintaj with Amber, Pearls and deep hues of Reds and Blues.

  • WOW..the color combinations really ENDLESS with Vinatge brass….but being summer i would do something a little differant with color hues of tangerine/magenta/golds …an “indie’ look

  • Carol Nugent

    Without giving too much away, I would combine turquoise and coral with the copper, with a small amount of black onyx. I love the look of pink, especially blush pink (it has a very vintage feel to it), with the brass. A tubular netted stitch with a large Vintage filigree element wrapped around a large natural or crystal bead in the center!

  • Cobalt blue, emerald green, garnet or ruby reds.

  • Turquoise and green :)

  • Barbara Didier

    I’m thinking of using red and light Siam and padparadscha, maybe with coral and sun AB with copper pieces that can be folded over to form a bezel or decorate a copper filligree piece

  • Tracey

    BLUE in a dark shade. I find that it works best with brass. I love how my piece looks when it’s complete with that blue just beaming.

  • Jill Crossfield

    Citrine, Peridot, and Amber- with some silk threaded through….Love Vintaj! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • April

    I would use swarovski pearls and crystals in dark browns, beige, black, and crystal. Maybe some teal, peridot, or olivine mixed in. Or even some Montana (??) blue. The possibilities are endless!

  • I would love to mix with some greens, aventurine, malachite, et all….

  • Randi S

    I love tiger eyes, and they could work well with these. But I also like the thought of playing around with pinks and browns as contrast. Lots of ideas!

  • I see reds, oranges, and yellows when I look at that fabulous collection of Vintaj goodness!

  • Kathryn Harpold

    I would normally have said aqua blue but recently I saw some lavender that was a real stunner so Lavender is my vote!

  • My goodness do I love Vintaj! I can see so many possibilites. I would use a lot of blue and green natural stone beads to make so many things!