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We’re all big fans of the Hunger Games series here at, and we were so excited to hear it was going to be released as a film that we all got together last week to go and see it! Have you seen it yet? To celebrate the movie’s premier, we decided to create a handmade homage to these beautifully intense books and made a Mockingjay pin for all our customers who also love the series. You can make this pin in a variety of different ways, but I decided to saw the design out of sheet metal and glue a pin bar to the back. It wasn’t so easy to get the Mockingjay detailing, so I just used a texturing hammer to achieve a feathery effect. We hope you enjoy the candid photos and the finished product – we’d love to see what you made for the Hunger Games!

Mockingjay Pin Image 1

Mockingjay Pin Image 2

Mockingjay Pin Image 3

Mockingjay Pin Image 4

To create a template for the image, I found a picture of the Mockingjay pin on the internet. I sized the image for 2 inches and printed it onto sticky white paper, which I then stuck to 24 gauge brass sheet metal. I then set up my saw blade in my saw frame; once the saw was ready to go, I sawed the design out of the sheet metal. When this was finished, I sawed out the negative spaces within the design. Finally, I sanded and filed the sheet metal to smooth the sharp edges. Our helpful Sawing Tools and Supplies page will give you a handy link to the sheet metal and all the tools I used to make this piece!

“May the Odds be Ever in your Favor”

3 comments to Mockingjay Pin

  • Lynell

    This Mockingjay pin is awesome. I would love to get one of these. How much are they?

  • Nicely done! I was definitely inspired by the books and movie.


    Hi Lynell! We don’t sell finished jewelry pieces like the Mockingjay Pin, but we do carry everything to make your own. Click the links in the blog post above to see the supplies Sam used, as well as step-by-step techniques for sawing and finished sheet metal.

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