Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Today’s tip is for all of our seed beaders! Here at FusionBeads.com our Japanese Seed Beads are packaged and sold by weight. We package our seed beads this way because it is faster than counting out these tiny beads, some of which are only 1mm in size. By dividing our seed beads into bags of weight we can spend less time packaging and more time shipping orders to our customers! Even though we are not counting out every single itty bitty bead, we do know approximately how many of each size and type of seed bead is in each bag and we’ve put all of this information into easy-to-read charts for you! Next time you have a project that calls for 1,000 Size 11 Round Japanese Seed Beads, you can go to our Seed Bead FAQ and look at our handy chart to find out there are 1,050 of these beads in one 10 gram bag. This series of easy-to-read charts includes the approximate number of beads in a bag, the size of each bead and the size of its hole, as well as the approximate number of strung beads in 1 inch.

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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