Sneak Peek at Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2013

It’s finally time for us to reveal the new colors and shapes from the upcoming Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2013 line! Everyone over here at is going crazy for these amazing new pieces! In addition to the standard new color, new effect, new pearl color and a number of new bead and pendant shapes, Swarovski has also launched a full line of new pearls! We are so thrilled to share them with you, and please keep an eye out for when we launch the products on our site! We won’t just be launching all of these spectacular products, but we’ll have tons of inspiration jewelry to share with you as well! I’ll stop rambling now so you can get to the good stuff!

Rose Peach – New Color

Bold, yet subtly romantic, the new color Rose Peach recalls the delicacy of cherry blossom and the heady fragrance of late-summer English roses. Ideal for ethnic jewelry, as well as dreamy vintage looks for daywear.

Crystal Luminous Green – New Effect

The new effect Crystal Luminous Green is set to become a new classic: a shimmering green to violet that subtly changes with the play of light, it warms up cold colors, working as well for sci-fi and fantasy-inspired creations as for serene, romantic designs.

Rose Peach – New Pearl Color

The new color Rose Peach is softly complemented by the new Crystal Rose Peach Pearl.

Ellipse Pendant

The futuristic, elongated Ellipse Pendant reflects the trend towards techno, graphic and sporty looks for men and women.

Column Bead

Column Bead (one hole) and Column Bead (two holes) are this season’s newcomers to the Bead assortment. At first glance uncomplicated and simple, they each have a unisex elegance that complements a flashy centerpiece, yet works brilliantly as a stand-alone of impeccable, minimalist elegance. Both Beads work well for Art Deco-inspired pieces, as well as for graphic and sporty designs.

Duffelcoat Button

The new Dufflecoat Crystal Button is a playful crystalline take on the utilitarian dufflecoat toggle. When its large holes are threaded with thick yarns, leather or cord, the effect instantly becomes cool and modern.

Crystal Pearls Gemcolors

Launching an extensive package of the new Gemcolors, Swarovski Elements introduces a new look for Crystal Pearls. Polished and shiny, these colors have the finest opaque gemstones as natural counterparts – such as Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Jade, Coral and Ivory. The pre-existing Crystal Coral Pearl and Crystal Mystic Black Pearl are also part of the line of Crystal Pearls Gemcolors. The softer shades of these pearls evoke the romantic nostalgia of vintage looks, while the brighter colors add a dash of panache to ethnic and tribal designs, recalling the diverse cultures of our planet.

Crystal Ivory Pearl

Crystal Pink Coral Pearl

Crystal Red Coral Pearl

Crystal Jade Pearl

Crystal Turquoise Pearl

Crystal Lapis Pearl

Crystal Dark Lapis Pearl

Hope you can wait until the launch! Aren’t they so exciting? – Sara

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