Katie’s Favorite Things!

Oh, it’s time for my favorites! This should be pretty easy. I tend to be a bit one note in my “loves” and the things I always need in my pieces….

1. Green Things – Always green. Everything should be green! I love fern green, olive green, emerald green, lime green, palace green opal, chrysolite opal. If it’s green, then I like it. Maybe because it reminds me of grass or forests or frogs, I really don’t know, but most of my jewelry is green and it’s rare that I don’t have something green on each and every day. Sometimes you can sprinkle a little Indicolite or Blue Zircon in too!

2. Crystal Bicones – They are just SO easy to use! I love to string them, weave them into balls or right angle weave stitch them up into gorgeous earrings! One thing that I love the most about them is that they come in so many colors (especially green) and so I never have to worry about not finding a color that will work with the rest of my piece.

3. Green Girl Studios – I love these precious little handmade pewter beads and pendants! They are so whimsical and lovable. I always try to incorporate one into my pieces and if I can’t they just sit on my bead table to inspire me. My favorites are the nest, coral branch and this new chandelier pendant. I haven’t used it in a piece yet, but it’s definitely on my table!

4.  Right Angle Weave Stitch – This is by far my most favorite stitch. I love its versatility and playing with how to use it. Making little woven beaded beads or right angle weave rings or right angle weave tubes – really, I love right angle weave anything. Once you have the stitch down it’s an easy project to travel with that doesn’t require a lot of tools. I usually have an ongoing project or something that I can pack on the go when I’m leaving for a trip.


5. Wire Wrapping – When in doubt, wire wrap it! I love making little clusters of gemstones and playing with colors and sizes. I just learned how to do a messy wire wrap bail and messy wire wrap link. I love them! Especially in this inspiration piece that Cody made!

6. Lindstrom Pliers and Tronex Cutters – These are the best tools a girl could ask for! I’ve had mine for YEARS, probably 9 or so, and I love them. They’ve held up over time and are amazing. So worth the investment! I never even wanted to wire wrap before I got them and once I had them I haven’t been able to stop.



7. Tulip Needles and Fireline Thread – Tulip needles are new for me and I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but they ROCK! They hold up through lots of use and I haven’t broken one yet. It’s like having the “Lindstrom” of needles. And Fireline, well, without Fireline I would never be able to weave with crystals. Everything would just fall apart or break after a couple of wears, but with it, I’m able to weave and wear forever! Ok, but here’s my tip: it’s a pain to cut, so use your sharp cutters, like Tronex. And when I’m traveling and beading, I will pre-cut lengths to work with so that I don’t have to worry about trying to bring something that will cut on the plane. Just wrap them around an old griffin thread card or piece of paper so that they won’t get tangled!

OK, just to recap, here are a few of my favorite things (all in one bracelet)! This one is all mine, but get inspired from our inspiration piece, Lasso Luxe, and make one with your favorites!

Happy Beading!

– Katie

3 comments to Katie’s Favorite Things!

  • Katie, you and I could be sisters! I do like everything you shared in this post! Especially a big bowl of bicones… all different colors, sparkling like little diamonds!
    Have a terrific day!

  • Georgianna

    I’d gotten behind on my email, and only just read this blog entry. What a treat! Health experts are always telling us how good greens are for us, right? (Big smile) If you don’t have any yet, I recommend some green onyx for your bead salad bar. The good stuff rivals emeralds in color, and is (gasp!) actually affordable. You have made my morning brighter, happier and greener, thank you.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  • Patti

    When you need to cut Fireline, but don’t want to carry a tool, nail clippers work great. They’re small and very portable.

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