Share Awareness For All Cancers!

While we are showing our support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, it’s important never to neglect the many other cancers that afflict so many people. Show your support for awareness and research of all cancers by designing awareness jewelry that corresponds with each cancer! Here’s a crystal color chart that will show you which crystal colors you can use in your awareness designs! The awareness months are also included when applicable. Look on our Inspiration page for our awareness jewelry designs to help inspire you! While our designs are all made for breast cancer awareness, you can adapt many of them for the cancer awareness of your choosing by switching out the colors. In addition to our jewelry designs, you can create your own pieces by accessing our Breast Cancer Awareness Theme Page!


All Cancers – Lavender (crystal color – Violet)


Appendix Cancer – Amber (crystal color – Topaz, Sunflower)

CitrineLight TopazSunflower

Bladder Cancer (July) – Yellow (crystal color – Citrine, Light Topaz, Sunflower)

Crystal SatinCrystal Silver Shade

Brain Cancer (May) – Gray (crystal color – Crystal Satin, Crystal Silver Shade)

RoseLight RoseIndian PinkFuchsia

Breast Cancer (October) – Pink (crystal colors – Rose, Light Rose, Indian Pink, Fuchsia)

RoseLight RoseSapphireCapri Blue

Male Breast Cancer (October) – Pink/Blue (crystal colors – Rose, Light Rose, Sapphire, Capri Blue)

White AlabasterJet

Carcinoid Cancer – Zebra Stripe (crystal colors – White Alabaster, Jet)

Blue ZirconCaribbean Blue OpalWhite Alabaster

Cervical Cancer (January) – Teal/White (crystal colors – Blue Zircon, Caribbean Blue Opal, White Alabaster)

Aurum 2xCrystal Metallic Light Gold 2xCrystal Dorado 2x

Childhood Cancer (September) – Gold (crystal colors – Aurum 2x, Crystal Metallic Light Gold 2x, Dorado 2x)

CobaltDark Indigo

Colon/Colorectal Cancer (March) – Dark Blue (crystal colors – Cobalt, Dark Indigo)

Provence Lavender

Esophageal Cancer (April) – Periwinkle (crystal color – Provence Lavender)

Blue ZirconCaribbean Blue Opal

Gynecologic Cancers (September) – Teal (crystal colors – Blue Zircon, Caribbean Blue Opal)

BurgundyCrystal Golden Shadow

Head and Neck Cancer (April) – Burgundy/Ivory (crystal colors – Burgundy, Crystal Golden Shadow)

Hyacinth SunFern Green

Kidney Cancer (March) – Orange/Green (crystal colors – Hyacinth, Sun, Fern Green)

Purple VelvetAmethyst

Leiomyosarcoma – Purple (crystal colors – Purple Velvet, Amethyst)


Leukemia (September) – Orange (crystal colors – Hyacinth, Sun)


Liver Cancer (October) – Emerald (crystal color – Emerald)

Chalk WhiteWhite AlabasterWhite Opal

Lung Cancers (November) – White (crystal colors – Chalk White, White Alabaster, White Opal)

PeridotFern Green

Lymphoma (September) – Lime (crystal colors – Peridot, Fern Green)


Melanoma (May) – Black (crystal color – Jet)


Multiple Myeloma – Burgundy (crystal color – Burgundy)

Sand OpalCrystal Golden Shadow

Oral Cancer (April) – Beige (crystal colors – Sand Opal, Crystal Golden Shadow)

Blue ZirconCaribbean Blue Opal

Ovarian Cancer (September) – Teal (crystal colors – Blue Zircon, Caribbean Blue Opal)

Purple VelvetAmethystCyclamen Opal

Pancreatic Cancer (November) – Purple (crystal colors – Purple Velvet, Amethyst, Cyclamen Opal)

AquamarineLight SapphireAir Blue Opal

Prostate Cancer (September) – Light Blue (crystal colors – Aquamarine, Light Sapphire, Air Blue Opal)

CitrineLight TopazSunflower

Sarcoma/Bone Cancer (June) – Yellow (crystal colors – Citrine, Light Topaz, Sunflower)

Provence Lavender

Stomach Cancer (November) – Periwinkle (crystal color – Provence Lavender)

Blue ZirconCaribbean Blue OpalWhite Alabaster

Teen Cancers – Teal/White (crystal colors – Blue Zircon, Caribbean Blue Opal, White Alabaster)

VioletViolet Opal

Testicular Cancer (April) – Orchid (crystal colors – Violet, Violet Opal)

Blue ZirconCapri BlueRose

Thyroid Cancer (September) – Teal/Blue/Pink (crystal colors – Blue Zircon, Capri Blue, Rose)

Light Peach

Uterine Cancer – Peach (crystal color – Light Peach)

AmethystCyclamen Opal

Cancer Caregivers (November) – Plum (crystal colors – Amethyst, Cyclamen Opal)

Thank you for supporting cancer awareness and research! If you have any additional information about cancer awareness for any of the above cancers or any that we may have missed, please leave a comment on this blog post!

Happy Beading! – Sara

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