Swarovski Trend Forecast
Fall and Winter 2012/13!

The report is in! Swarovski has formulated yet another cohesive and insightful report for the coming trends a year from now. In a natural progression from the Spring/Summer 2012 report which was inspired by nature and the Earth, the Fall/Winter 2012/13 report celebrates urban spaces with an interest in city living. Each trend for this season is inspired by a different city, each filled with collective creativity and culture. The cities that Swarovski believes are going to have a huge impact on the world of design in the next year are Chicago, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Berlin and Istanbul.


Girls will be boys. Taking its cue from 1930s Chicago, inspiration is found in a melding of Art Deco interiors, jazz clubs and modern architecture. With almost Bauhaus precision, bespoke tailoring, streamlined suiting and the architectural crispness of a white shirt make a comeback.

Jewelry: Jewelry is manly and minimal, offering a strong black and white contrast. Nostalgic, bespoke elements arise. Androgyny filters through in graphic shapes. Cufflinks, pins and tie-clips appear with crystal found in large, angular shapes. Fine chains offer sophisticated discretion with only the smallest nod to femininity.

Keywords: Man Style, Jazz, Bespoke, Suiting, Discreet

Crystal Colors: Crystal, White Opal, Crystal Golden Shadow, Mocca, Crystal Silver Night, Jet


Ready-to-wear becomes ready-to-work in this rebellious theme. Copenhagen cool imparts a unisex attitude, where the utilitarian uniforms of manual labor – coveralls, cargo pants and thick knits – become everyday outfits. After the fallout from the recession, we have discovered that it is no longer déclassé to get our hands dirty, rather it is déclassé not to.

Jewelry: Jewelry has roughened, unisex appearance incorporating hard-wearing elements and mechanical designs as a feature. Natural materials, such as leather, are used in conjunction with irregular stone-like structures. Oxidized metals in all tones are used as the base.

Keywords: Workwear, Manual Labor, Function-First, Bio Textiles, Resilient

Crystal Colors: Crystal Bronze Shade, Crystal Tabac, Olivine, Crystal Bermuda Blue, Denim Blue, Montana


The Shanghai of old has sent out a siren song to the modern design world. Promising a sensual veiled mystery and encompassing a sense of intimacy, satin pajamas, thigh-slits and the seductive silhouette of cheongsam-inspired designs offer a tantalizing glimpse of a more sensual world. Crystal shimmers, shines and seduces in clear patterns on faded and blurred backgrounds.

Jewelry: Bamboo, peonies and chrysanthemums, symbols of nature in all her full-blown glory, are entwined throughout this theme, creating poetic, almost fragile, jewelry pieces. Meaningful signs and symbols embellish enamel jewelry in a nostalgic nod to a bygone era, while simplified shapes help modernize the theme.

Keywords: Seductive, Mysterious, Enchanting, Intimate, Floral

Crystal Colors: Light Grey Opal, Crystal Petrol Pearl, Crystal Antique Pink, Crystal Golden Shadow, Siam, Jet Nut


Berlin pulsates with youthful energy and creative design. Embracing arts and the avant-garde in equal measure, this vibrant city showcases cool in an ever-changing palette of design interpretations. Characterized by understatement and unpretentiousness, attracting residents from eclectic and diverse cultures, Berlin inspires a brave new world where virtual reality and technical options are realized and crystal becomes cutting-edge, incorporated into high-tech designs.

Jewelry: Functional parts and fashion elements, such as zippers, velcro or buttons, combined with crystal create collectible pieces with a quirky quality. Plastic is recycled, prominent and colorful, worn in unexpected and different ways. By concentrating on unusual material mixes and up-cycled elements, jewelry becomes bold, colorful and art-inspired with a playful, young edge.

Keywords: Light Reflection, Arty, Upcycling, Future-Driven, Hi-Tech

Crystal Colors:Chrysolite Opal, Light Peach, Crystal Satin, Crystal Antique Pink, Hyacinth, Denim Blue


The lavish and the luxurious are drawing renewed appeal and Istanbul, with its mix of market stalls and music beats, is the perfect melting pot for a glamorous modern makeover. The convergence of cultures and rich heritage of this extravagant, bejeweled city where color, detail and sumptuous patterns clash in a baroque frenzy sets the stage for an exotic and exciting new foray.

Jewelry: An ethno-glamorous mix of jewelry pieces defines the theme. Colors and materials combine in the ornamental patterns of architecture and tile designs. The focus lies on bracelets, chandelier earrings and rings. Deepest azure blue is prominent. Monumental cocktail rings find their inspiration in the opulent details of exotic places.

Keywords: Theatrical, Exotic, Luxurious, Embellished, Opulent

Crystal Colors: Crystal Dorado, Indian Pink, Ruby, Dark Red Coral, Capri Blue, Crystal Petrol Pearl

6 comments to Swarovski Trend Forecast
Fall and Winter 2012/13!

  • Jeannie Goodman

    Olivine is my favorite color

  • Love them all! I have a feeling my bank account is going to be taking a hit in the near future! :)

  • Elizabeth Ward

    As always, I am awed and inspired by the new color ideas!

  • Luz Osterheim

    I love all the colors. Particularly
    Istanbul/Glamour it is Great!

  • Although it seems that we should be concerned by what the fashion industry determines is going to be THE ‘in’ style for the upcoming seasons, I believe that as an Artisan Jeweler we should design and create our jewelry to coordinate with any fashion trend. Since Swarovski products always seem to be in style, incorporating them into your designs seems quite natural.

  • patricia

    love the Chicago/Classic… colors of metals but with sparkles!! also like Shanghai/Romantic, very sweet…….

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