Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! Let’s get back to the work week with a new Tuesday Tips and Tricks! This week, I am highlighting an amazing tool that you may not know about. It’s called Tool Magic, and it can be a life saver for those of you who find yourselves marring wire with your pliers all the time. It’s so easy to use – just dip your pliers into the jar of liquid plastic so that you coat only the tips. When the plastic dries, you’ll end up with a nice coating that will help your pliers grip onto wire and keep from marring wire or causing any wire coating to flake off. Tool Magic is not permanent, so you can peel the coating off any time you’d like. Also, the jar is huge, so you’ll be able to coat and re-coat your pliers time and time again! Check out our Applying Tool Magic Technique if you’d like detailed instructions with photos.

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