Pound Away With Texturing Hammers!

Adding texture to metals can bring depth and sparkle to your jewelry designs and make them look more special and finished. The best part is that it’s SO EASY! All you need is a bench block, a hammer and some metal. Shop our selection of bench blocks, metal stamping blanks and texturing hammers and follow our Texturing Metal With a Texturing Hammer Technique. One of my favorite things about adding texture is that there are so many different looks you can achieve – check out all of these texturing hammers:

1. Chasing Hammer – TL0602 (buy it here)

A chasing hammer is a basic tool that every metal worker should have in his or her collection. The smaller pein side is for riveting and metal texturing, like you see in the photo above. The large face on the other side is for striking chasing tools/metal stamps or for flattening metal. The forged head is wedge-mounted on a hardwood handle.

2. Round Checkered & Wide Pinstripe Texturing Hammer – TL2176 (buy it here)

With a checkerboard surface on one face of the hammer head and wide stripes on the other, this texturing hammer gives metals a texture of tiny squares or organic striations, respectively. Rotate the hammer head with each strike to create new patterns.

3. Round Dimples & Narrow Pinstripe Texturing Hammer – TL2177 (buy it here)

A dotted surface on one face of the hammer head produces organic dimples in metal, while narrow stripes on the other side creates textured striations reminiscent of wood grain. Rotate the hammer head with each strike to create new patterns.

4. Raw Silk Texturing Hammer by Fretz – TL2185 (buy it here)

This Fretz hammer gives metal the organic texture of raw silk. The high-quality rosewood handle is comfortable and well-balanced in the hand. One face of this hammer is textured to produce a raw silk effect on either curved or flat metal. The raw silk marks are handmade using diamond tools. After texturing, use the smooth face to hammer over the texture, giving the texture a shimmer effect.

5. Short Sharp Texturing/Raising Hammer by Fretz – TL2184 (buy it here)

With a shorter head length ideal for texturing wire and other small surfaces, this Fretz hammer textures as well as makes a seamless form through compression. The head is made of high-quality polished stainless steel, while the smooth, balanced rosewood handle is a joy in the hand.

Before I send you off to fend for yourself, here are a few texturing tips and tricks to keep in mind! Remember that when you use a texturing hammer, you can add as much or as little texture as you’d like depending on how many times you strike the metal. Be careful when you hit near the edge of the metal as it is possible to change the shape of the edge. If you’re planning to combine texturing with dapping or antiquing with Liver of Sulfur, make sure to texture your metal before you apply the other techniques. I love to combine texturing with fusing fine silver, because the texturing hammers help to harden the soft silver and they produce a beautiful result. Check out our Texturing a Fused Component Technique to see how a chasing hammer is used to texture fused silver!

Have Fun! – Sara

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