Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Today’s tip teaches you the best way to tackle a project with lots of wire wraps! When you are designing a piece of jewelry that requires a substantial amount of wire wrapping, you can work up the piece faster if you make it in steps. For the first step, place the bead(s) onto the head pin and make the loop but don’t wrap it onto anything yet. Continue to make loops for the rest of the head pin units. Once you’re done with this, wrap one unit to the chain, or whatever you are wrapping them onto, and cut the excess wire. Repeat this with the rest of the units. You can follow this same trick when you’re making simple loops as well. Create all of your simple loop units first, then start attaching them to the chain. Following repetitive patterns helps you get into a rhythm and keep a quick pace. Now you’ll be able to make cluster jewelry with speed and ease!

Remember, if you have questions about ANY techniques, design ideas, color issues, product concerns, etc., leave a comment on any Tuesday Tips and Tricks blog with your concern, and your question just may be featured and answered in an upcoming Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Happy Beading! – Sara

6 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Angela H

    Thank you, Sara! This will definitely help me.

  • Ashleigh F

    Just figured this tip out on my own last week, when I had to create rosary type necklaces for 7 bridesmaids (yes, 7!). Keep the tips coming!

  • I make cluster earrings using crystal bicones and dagger beads. I have been using this technique for a while now and it does save time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Michele

    This is also helpful in creating a consistent look. The “assembly line” type approach has a number of benefits!

  • Nanette

    Good practice too!

  • I was called the wire wrap queen a few years back when I was doing a lot of it. The tip above is a good idea as you do get in a rhythm when doing the motion over and over. It is like anything else that you practice at, you get better and better too. Be sure to have good quality tools to work with, this also helps keep the rhythm going.

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