Miss Independent Necklace Giveaway!

Do you ever find yourself drooling over one of our Inspiration designs, but never seem to make it for yourself? Well, we’ve taken the work out of one of our favorite Inspiration necklaces! You don’t need to fill up your cart, wait by the door for the mailman, or slave away at the beading table (although we love doing that!) to have the Miss Independent necklace sparkling around your neck! All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about this necklace and you’ll be entered to win the completed design! A winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, July 27, 2011, at 4 PM PDT, and notified via e-mail. If you don’t win, have no worries because you can get the free instructions to create Miss Independent here!

This giveaway has ended. The winner of the Miss Independent Necklace is Carol M.! Congratulations, Carol!

Good luck! – Sara

282 comments to Miss Independent Necklace Giveaway!

  • Olivia

    Wow! What don’t I love about this necklace!
    I really love the heart and how it is attached with the double chain and I absolutely love the crystal cluster!
    This necklace makes me happy just looking at it because it has two of my favorite things in it, and heart and CRYSTALS.

  • Melissa

    Cute! Love the orangey pink color! Love, Love the faceted crystal heart!

  • Brenda Bailey

    I love the juxtaposing of the white matte chain against the shimmering effect of the crystal heart and Swarovski dangles. The piece exudes a vintage
    “French” appeal!

  • Linda

    The necklace is beautiful—-love the colors–how fun to be able to win it…

  • barb

    I love the heart focal and the colors….so gorgeous!

  • This is the first I’ve seen of the Astral Heart Pendant. I use alot of AB and AB2x finishes in my crystal designs so this one caught my eye. The rolo chain is such a simple way to connect the elements, but still looks elegant in this design.

  • Carole B.

    Wow I love that necklace. It is very pretty.

  • Cynthia Carlson

    Two things I love the most; Roses and Hearts! I love making jewelry. I love wearing jewelry. The colors of the heart is absolutely georgeous!

  • Donna

    The crystal is gorgeous!

  • Susan R

    love the beauty and simplicity of the necklace

  • This a spectacular! I love the colors and the focal heart is beautiful. It just makes me feel good looking at it. I would LOVE to win!


    My fave color is red. This heart is sort of a orangeish red. The gold on it, makes it look 3-D and the double chain, makes me feel easy, that I won’t lose it. All your jewelry is beautiful, but this is a one of a kind! Thank you for making it, and giving me a chance to win it!

  • Jane Totten

    Absolutely gorgeous! The 27th is my birthday. What a great present this would be!

  • Jessica Sanders

    Love the colors and they symmetry. I love the fact that they thought outside the norm for a bail that made a statement. It’s a striking piece.

  • Understated, but elegant.

  • DeDe D

    I love the simple sweetness of this necklace. It isn’t too busy. The color and finish catches your eye. It makes me smile and speaks to the 13 year old girl in me.

  • I love the style of this necklace,,it reminds me of my granddaughter who is not with us anymore. I would love to win this and wear it in her honor.

  • Beadinglikecrazy~ Liesa H.

    This is the kind of statement I would love to make! I make alot of jewelry, but I never get the chance to keep any for myself b/c I have to sell it to make ends meet. For once, It would be fantastic to have such a beautiful piece of jewelry to point at and say “Yes, this is mine, isn’t it beautiful!” Plus the fact that the name of it “Ms. Independence” says alot about who I want to be. Independent from my past from some nasty circumstances to keep going on to my bright future. That is why I would be honored to win something like this!

  • Amber Richards

    I love this necklace! Simple designs are often SO much more appealing! I love how flirty and fun this piece is-the cluster of warm orangey-pink crystal has great contrast against the cool silver chains, and I LOVE how the heart is attached with rolo chain. Awesome! Gives me some great ideas for future pieces!

  • That fabulous pendant is my favorite part!!!

  • Kim

    So simple but unbelievably beautiful!

  • Mary

    My favorite part of this has to be the color of the crystal heart.

  • Kelly

    It’s eye-catching, while being simple at the same time.

  • Jojo Gifford

    I love THE NAME and I love that it is a heart!! the color is veryyy pretty and the gold really compliments the color well..this would look GREAT with any outfit. <3

  • Tammy Skipwith

    I love the colors and it’s beautiful necklace.

  • Jenni

    I love the color, it’s very spring/summer. I also love the small swarovski’s used at the top for accent. Very unique!!

  • Janie Tountas

    What’s not to love.

  • Tonie


  • This pendant is so full of fire! I love the chain attachment in the hollow middle And the way it sparkles…gorgeous!

  • LizN

    It’s gorgeous! I love it!

  • Nancy Richardson

    Crystal is one of my favorite things to work with, it has so much life of its own to me. I Love this necklace, simple, romantic elegance. bright and charming. love the warm enchanting color and the dimension the chain and added crystals give to the design also. Just beautiful!!

  • Dorisanne

    Wow, that is so beautiful! I tried to think of what I would do different and couldn’t come up with anything! Love the colors, love how you attached the heart with chain, so beautiful.

  • Gorgeous necklace…love the sparkle and construction!

  • Ronda

    Love this necklace!

  • Jann

    I love the color and the elegant simplicity of the necklace! The silver chain really makes it pop.

  • Melinda Little

    The color, the simplicity, the balance of the design. Great job on the necklace!

  • Charla

    What a pretty necklace! I love the color and the sparkle!

  • Crystal Keller

    I love this because I adore hearts & happy colors! all of my tattoos are different colored hearts :)

  • Beautiful piece. Love the colors and love how the color sets off the chain!

  • Rosy Yorizzo

    I love this necklace because you just need one spectacular focal piece to make a fashion statement without being flashy… and this heart is just too much. Combined with the crystals and the silver chain, it makes an elegant, gorgeous piece.

  • Catherine

    I LOVE bling! I love this necklace it reminds me of some of the vintage jewelry I have.

  • ann turner

    Can’t wait to receive this beautiful piece ..pick ME !! I have lots of family and friends to show it too !!

  • Julia

    I LOOOOVE the colour!!

  • Paula Lee M.

    It is sweet but bold, love the white chain and cluster of crystals.

  • Kristen

    I love the color palette of this necklace, everything about it screams summer! It contains beautiful hues of oranges & reds. The open heart lends a finishing touch & creates a very sweet & girly look to the necklace. The bead cluster refines the necklace adding a last thoughtful detail to this simple yet beautiful necklace.


    I love the open heart and the astral pink colors. Beautiful necklace!

  • Erin Zander

    I love the finish on the crystals and how the crystal dangles are almost a crown for the heart.

  • Debbie L

    Awesome necklace. Love the creation!

  • Christina

    I just love the coral-like coloring. This is a very unique piece :) I love to wear and make jewelry that catches the eye, not because it is flashy, but because it is different! This is so beautiful with the accent crystals on the top and the heart shape! Thank you so much for allowing us a chance to win it :)

  • Tammy Roush

    All my fav colors together in one piece of jewelry :) I love it. It’s absolutely gorgeous!!!! Great job!!

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