Cody’s Favorite Things!

It’s time for me, Cody, to share just a few of my favorite things with you all. I’m one of the jewelry designers here at, so you know that I’ll have a lot of favorite things!

1. C-Koop Beads
Anyone in the creative room can tell you that I love enamel! I just can’t get enough of the rich colors and the fun shapes that C-Koop Beads makes. I am obsessed with stacking the flowers and disks. Check out the Garden Blossom Necklace in the image above where I stacked four flowers into a fun and colorful pendant.

2. Riveting and Piercing System
My second love would be anything riveted. I am much more of an old school basic riveting girl, but I do like how quick and easy the riveting and piercing system is to use. We have an eyelet flaring set that can be easily installed into the riveting tool base. I used the eyelets to create the Making Tracks Bracelet, a fun mixed metal piece.

3. Amethyst and Teal
I love the deep purple color of amethyst and the richness of teal, so put them together and I am a happy girl. Wisteria Garden Necklace is a fun necklace I designed using my favorite color combo. The colors look especially great with the Vintaj Natural Brass.

Check out my Staff Picks page to see more of my favorite products and inspiration!

Thanks! – Cody

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