Enter Our Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway!

It’s so hard to work on jewelry projects when your supplies are running low, but who wants to shop only for jump rings and head pins when there are thousands of sparkly and shiny beads to buy? We have a giveaway that will help you keep your sterling silver supplies stocked up so that you can keep shopping for exciting beads instead! Check out what you’ll get if you win (valued at over $70!):

50 – 24 gauge sterling silver 1.5 inch head pins
50 – 24 gauge sterling silver 1.5 inch eye pins
30 – 4.5mm sterling silver 19 gauge open jump rings
20 – 6.3mm sterling silver 19 gauge open jump rings
75 – 2x2mm sterling silver crimp beads
5 – 8mm sterling silver spring ring clasps
5 pairs – 12mm sterling silver french ear wires

To enter to win this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about sterling silver! We will choose a winner randomly on Friday, June 17, 2011, at 4PM PDT.

Good Luck! – Sara

Congratulations, Sue D.! You are the winner of the Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway! Go check your e-mail so that you can claim your AMAZING prize!

1,136 comments to Enter Our Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway!

  • I don’t really wear anything BUT silver! I love the antique look you can give it, I love how it really goes with every color, I love how it brightens up any piece!

  • I am in LOVE with sterling silver. I just phased out all other metals in my very new business, Text Tiles Design, to use only sterling for my stamping projects! It is so beautiful and shows off my excellent baseball mom tan!!

  • Judy

    I love the way sterling silver looks in summer! There’s nothing like it to brighten any outfit and looks great with a tan!

  • Mike

    I love how easy it is to work with compared to base metals.

  • Denise

    Sterling Silver has always been my favorite metal. I like to shine and feel of the metal against the skin. And now that I am making my own jewelry, it is very pliable as well as durable and very ease to care for.
    I just love it!

  • Sue Jones

    Silver is my favorite medium and I really love what happens to it in liver of sulfur.

  • Melissa

    I prefer sterling silver because it compliments almost every skin tone, not to mention the beautiful crisp look that it has.

  • Sarah

    I love sterling silver because of the malleability. It is beautiful alone, and is a neutral colored metal that goes well with a wide range of colors. It looks great polished or matte, and is fun to stamp and texturize.

  • Silver is wonderful to use – it wraps smoothly, it patinas to a beautiful color, and it enhances nearly every bead.

  • Sterling is so much easier to work with. Base metals just don’t have the look and appeal!

  • Sterling silver is so much easier to work with. Base metals just doesn’t compare.

  • sterling silver is so much eaiser to work with. Base metals just don’t compare!

  • Marianna

    Sterling Silver just looks great!! You feel good knowing that it will last, and that you can polish it up anytime you need more shine or sparkle! ;)

  • Louise

    Sterling silver sounds better, looks better and feels better than wearing/selling something as “silver tone”. Sterling always looks wonderful, it is an ageless material!

  • Barbara Carman

    Love silver. The majority of the items I create and sell include silver findings.I would love to win these.

  • Pamela

    It lasts, is easier to work with, shiny and lovely!

  • Cheryl

    I love SILVER! It’s bright, shiny, and looks good with everything! I’ve even convinced my sis-in-law that silver is great (and she’s in India: land of gold).

  • Sue

    I do a lot of wire wrapping and to me nothing beats the look of sterling silver. I use your many gauges of silver and i am never disappointed in the finished look. Add a few sterling silver beads to a head pin and I have a fabulous pair of matching earrings to go with the wrapped stone! You can’t get any better than sterling silver quality.

  • Jill Farley

    I constantly use sterling silver when making my own jewelry and some on the side during holidays. It adds the extra sparkle and makes my earrings and necklaces look professional and sleek.

  • Wanda

    I make chainmail out of aluminum and I can’t find aluminum findings so the sterling silver looks great with it, makes it look like the whole piece is sterling. I love it.

  • Karen

    It doesn’t make me itch!!

  • Frieda Fuchs

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    But silver fusion beads,
    Are a beaders delight.

  • Chris White

    Sterling Silver is very rich looking, hard to tell the difference between it and white gold, certainly much less expensive than gold.
    I mix it with gold vermeil and colored wire, just perfect with everything.
    I always use sterling silver in my work. If you are going to created a great design, it deserves to have sterling silver components.
    What a great giveaway, ‘ hope I win!

  • Sterling Silver has been my favorite for years. I appreciate the fact that it’s still very much more affordable than gold. I also enjoy wearing silver. It a very versatile metal, and can be dressed up or down.

  • Hannah Benninger

    I love the color of silver, and I love how easy it is to work with.

  • I love sterling silver for its color, sparkle and versatility. I always need more!

  • Jennifer Rocco

    I love sterling silver for my jewelry! I think that it is the most versatile metal and the easiest to work with by far. Hoping to add to my stash with this giveaway! Thanks Fusion Beads.

  • Daniell

    Sterling silver is all I use in my jewelry – I’m a big fan of silver, it looks so nice, wears well and even patina-s well with extended wear (if you like that sort of look.) I go through a lot of sterling (especially crimps), so this pile-o-silvery-goodness looks very appealing! Hope I win!!

  • Dawn Thompson

    I love silver because it’s so summery and it seems to go with just about every bead.

  • Jean

    If I make something I want to do the best I can, and use the best I possibly can, I’d like it to be around for years to come, I love the way it cleans up effortlessly.

  • Silver goes with everything! Silver is always in style and compliments almost every color. It is great material to work with and I am a silver girl!

  • Mary Kay Kare

    Sterlaing has so many things to recommend it! It’s shiny, but doesn’t glare. It’s easy to work and goes with everything. And I just like silver a whole lot better than gold!

  • Cindy Appolloni

    I love the way the brightness of polished silver makes my new gray hairs sparkle and helps me begin to see a new level of beauty.

  • Lancia

    I am a longtime fan of sterling silver and while I wear other metals, I prefer silvers. Fusion beads has an outstanding array of beads and is the tops on the Net.

  • Linda

    I use to be a gold only person, but since making my own jewellry have made a turn for the better. Something about sterling silver when you pare it with your swarovski crystals just seem to make the pieces twinkle and sparkle.When The sterling is hard when it needs to be and soft and plyable when called for. It has the bling bling factor.It also comliments the beads. It’s like harmony together. Something like a boot and a sock they both give you a warm cozy feeling. When I wear my jewellry I feel very proud with the finished product. I use sterling silver as much as I can in my pieces. It realy does pay to use the best.Your selection is the best.And with prices to match.

  • CaraG

    I love silver because it’s easy to work with, beautiful, and affordable. It’s my favorite metal to wear and work with!

  • Karen

    I mostly just love the clean look of bright and shiny silver and it goes with everything! :)

  • Silver is my feel good metal! It has a nice weight to it, and I love it shiny, matte, hammered…just love it!

  • Patti

    What’s there not to love about silver?! Looks great against that tan summer glow!

  • Wen

    Sterling silver is beautiful, versatile and affordable.

  • I absolutely love using Sterling Silver in my work, the look is so clean and when worn it ages beautifully. Not to mention the Metaphysical properties of silver, it causes a circuit of energy between the wearer and the silver. If you use if for work including stone, glass, pearl, wood or bone the properties of the material will meld into your aura giving you an extra boost of their benefits.

  • Doreen Williams

    I’d love to have this

  • I love sterling silver, it’s beautiful. I rarely wear anything else myself. And it’s so much cheaper than gold!

  • Julia B

    I love sterling silver! I use silver for every design that requires metal. You cannot beat the durability or the look of silver.

  • I just love the beautiful shine of silver!!

  • I love Sterling because it’s not only a conductor of energy and a highly prized metal, it is also a beautiful metal to use in jewelry making. It reminds me of the stars:).

  • darcy oconnor

    I love sterling, I do not own any gold jewelry, only make with sterling findings.

  • What’s not to love…smooth, malleable, wraps & coils beautifully…

  • Janna

    I LOVE silver. I’d use it more in my designs if it weren’t for the cost. For that reason, I’d love a chance to win.

  • CAT

    You mean there is something other than sterling silver? Not in my world……I only wear and work with SS. It rocks!