Enter Our Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway!

It’s so hard to work on jewelry projects when your supplies are running low, but who wants to shop only for jump rings and head pins when there are thousands of sparkly and shiny beads to buy? We have a giveaway that will help you keep your sterling silver supplies stocked up so that you can keep shopping for exciting beads instead! Check out what you’ll get if you win (valued at over $70!):

50 – 24 gauge sterling silver 1.5 inch head pins
50 – 24 gauge sterling silver 1.5 inch eye pins
30 – 4.5mm sterling silver 19 gauge open jump rings
20 – 6.3mm sterling silver 19 gauge open jump rings
75 – 2x2mm sterling silver crimp beads
5 – 8mm sterling silver spring ring clasps
5 pairs – 12mm sterling silver french ear wires

To enter to win this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about sterling silver! We will choose a winner randomly on Friday, June 17, 2011, at 4PM PDT.

Good Luck! – Sara

Congratulations, Sue D.! You are the winner of the Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway! Go check your e-mail so that you can claim your AMAZING prize!

1,136 comments to Enter Our Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway!

  • I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE STERLING SILVER. It makes any kind of bead look wonderful. I love all my hand made jewelry with sterling. This give away is a great thing you are doing. It is very generous of you and I love your website and all your sales.

  • leigh s

    I love silver, the color goes well with any design and color. Have just always preferred silver over gold.

  • Sterling Silver is a lovely finishing touch for any piece of jewelry. I always feel special when I use sterling silver on my jewelry. Its also great because it doesn’t irritate your skin like some other metals. I love sterling silver. May the best applicant win… :-)

  • What do I love about sterling silver?

    Everything! I can change the appearance of it, from bright shiny to a rainbow of colors, including darkening it.

    It’s soft and easy to work with.

    It works with just about any color out there, as well as being beautiful enough on it’s own to need no more.

    I don’t think there is anything not to love about sterling! Well except maybe the cost of it right now!

  • Lori Cassaro

    Silver is beautiful, mystical, and makes every kind of bead look amazing.

  • Kathy Knight

    As a jewelry maker who can’t afford a whole boutique worth of supplies but wants to make quality jewelry, I love sterling because it allows me to provide my clients with higher end look and feel but not the costs(for either of us). I love sterling silver!!

  • Magda Estrada

    Sterling Silver is my favorite material for most of the jewelery I create. I love that it makes any piece of jewelery so fine and special. It combines very well with most likely everything. I want to be the winner =) Good luck to all!!!!

  • Vicki Williams

    I love using sterling silver in my pieces. It always gives it a more expensive feel. 9 times out of 10 my daughter ends up taking what I’ve made with sterling because she can’t wear base metal ;o)

  • Robin

    I love sterling silver, always have and always will! It looks great ANY kind of bead or stone. I love it plain or stained, flat or twisted. You can mold it sculpt it, ring it, hammer it. Shiny or dull I love it all!

  • Kathyrn

    Sterling silver goes with everything! It is the final touch that ensures that the quality of my designs is high. Love it!

  • Amanda

    Sterling Silver can be your best friend. It brings out the beauty of beads.

  • Gail D. Bryant

    I love sterling silver! It makes any jewelry peice look richer; it’s been around for thousands of years, and has always been prized in beautiful jewelry. I love the patinas and shading you can get with sterling, especially in rings.

  • what a great giveaway…!!!! Love sterling silver ♥ ♥ ♥

  • I love the look of sterling silver, and it works best for my body chemistry.

  • jeannieb

    what i love about silver…its shine! it just makes my jewelry look fantastic!

  • Jen Rutsky

    Silver can be worn all year, with any outfit, dressy or casual!

  • I love sterling for its durability and versatility, especially combined with copper. It’s affordable and my primary metal for making earrings and bracelet findings.

  • I love the workability of sterling silver–it is solid metal so it is not flaky. Oh and it is shiny!

  • I love silver because it is a timeless classic can be used to craft with, and also can be worn with anything. Silver highlights any gem stones or beads, many other things too! I think it will be the next gold rush one of these days!

  • Janice Warden Bergeron

    I love silver! It brings out the sparkle in all things. Every cloud has a silver lining…how can anyone feel down in the dumps when you have silver close by! Timeless beauty!!

  • Pam Beck

    I love silver because it blends so well into any project. It is such a versatile component to all of my work. Love the idea of a giveaway, especially in something I can really use.

  • Silver is the queen of metals – it is like silk when you are working with it. Subtle yet strong, it is the perfect medium to showcase the artist’s vision, and adorn the beautiful, discerning person wearing it.

  • julie marquez

    I like silver because it keeps away the vampires

  • Cheryl Barcus

    I love Silver because it doesnt tarnish, and makes the pieces stand out in your jewlery.

  • Amiee Lofruscio

    I love how it accents certain beads (deep blues) yet in it’s own can blend in when needed in a way gold can’t. I hope I win, sterling is so expensive any more I find myself hording it!! I remember buying beads @ 33cents a gram when I first started beading. I made my husband a beautiful heavy necklace & bracelet and about fainted when I had spent 70 bucks on it at that price. Can’t imagine how much it would cost today!!

  • I think silver is such a verstile metal. Goes with everything, and not too many are allergic to it. I’m new to jewelry making, but can’t wait to get into it.

  • Sara Naylor

    Oh, Let me just think of all the great Stuff I could make this Summer with these GREAT Findings. They are just what I need to compleat my projects, and start a few new ones! Love working with Silver.

  • Sterling silver is the best because of the many pros it has. I love sterling silver simply because it is stainless! I dislike wearing jewelries on me that will tend to change colour after sometime. Also, sterling silver is the class! Wearing silver makes me look younger, compare to Gold. LOL! and it never goes out of trend. Silver just simply goes with any colour outfit.

  • I love the way sterling components add sparkle to any beaded piece! It gives the piece a look of professionalism :D

  • I love sterling its no wonderful looking and just makes everything look perfect. Love the look of it as well. Plus my favorite color of metal is silver goes with everything.

  • Nothing says a nice piece of jewelry than silver! You also know it will stand the length of time! :)

  • Barbara

    Sterling silver has an elegance that can be dressed up or down. It is the first precious metal I started working with and I remain loyal!

  • Luiza Mavropoulos

    Silver is of the light. That is what my grandmother always told me. I swim in it. I’ve always referred silver to gold by choice not budget. As I write I count 5 silver rings on my fingers 2 silver bracelets, 8 figaro chain’s around my neck. My jewerly collecton goes back 30 yrs. and it’s all silver. As a crafter I feel silver gives me clarity, creativity, makes me just plain happy. Thank You for letting me express my love of silver.

  • Norma Scott

    I would love to win this giveaway. I think I am a bit too late for the drawing though. I wish I would have seen this sooner. Sterling silver is one of the greatest materials to work with especially if it is paired with turquoise (in my opinion) or amethyst. I hope I am not late. I would say gold, but I am a silver type of person myself. I cannot work, so my hobby and passion is jewelry making, this would be amazing to own

  • Kate Allen

    I love sterling silver for a lot of reasons. One of my biggest is that I have a problem with nickle and turn green with a lot of base metal pieces. I also live near the ocean and my house is often very moist so base metal pieces turn funky colors very fast. Beyond that is has a look and feel like no other metal. Sterling for life!! :)

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