Sara’s Favorite Things!

It’s that time again – time for another one of the folks here at to share her favorite things with you! This time around, the lucky staff member is me, Sara, your daily blog writer! I couldn’t wait for my turn to share my favorite things with you because I have oh so many favorites! Well, I don’t want to dilly dally, so let’s get right to it!

1. Chunky Mixed Base Metal Chains
Mixed metal jewelry is a huge trend right now, as is chunky chain jewelry, so I figure that combining the two trends makes one big explosive trend! I can’t get enough of the dynamic look of mixed metal and I love how substantial a nice, hefty chain is. Large mixed metal chains can hold there own so well that you can make them the focus of a piece of jewelry, as evident in one of my favorite necklaces on, Bulletproof. It’s just an added perk that base metal chains are so much more inexpensive than sterling silver and gold-filled chains!

2. Brightly Colored Fire Polished Glass Beads
Another group of cost-effective products that I absolutely love is Fire Polished Glass Beads! These beads come in hundreds of colors, so I can always find that crazy, bold color that will really make a piece of jewelry pop. Check out Electric Avenue, the necklace pictured above, to see how much fun a statement necklace can be when bright, unexpected colors are part of the design!

3. Woven Beads
I think that the concept of creating one big bead out of a bunch of little beads is ingenious! Not only do Woven Beaded Beads and Right Angle Weave Beads look so cute, but they are incredibly fun to make. After you’ve made a woven bead, you don’t need much more than a head pin and a pair of ear wires to make an adorable pair of earrings. Check out the Nocturnelle Earrings in the image above, which incorporate right angle weave beads with a marquis component and some beautiful crystals. Click here to see our Bead Weaving Inspiration Category!

4. Curb Chain
While I have already mentioned my love for big, chunky chain, I can’t ignore my one true love, curb chain. You can ask anyone here at what my favorite beading product is, and each person will surely say curb chain. I love it for two reasons – number one, it’s chain, and number two, it can be used to create such interesting effects in jewelry. Look at the Kimono Necklace pictured above; it has a beautiful bib effect that was simply created by attaching simple-looped crystal links to curb chain. It lays perfectly and it wears even better!

5. Silk Ribbon
I have been incorporating silk ribbon into my jewelry for years now because it brings an element of soft romanticism to jewelry and it’s very fluid and textural. Ribbon is not very hard to use, either. You can tie knots and bows with it, as seen in the Wine on the Dock Necklace pictured above. You can also simply cut the ribbon in half, put a dab of glue on the part that you cut, and clamp a ribbon end or cord end onto the ribbon. All you have to do from there is attach whatever your heart desires to the loop on the ribbon end or cord end. Another fantastic thing about ribbon is that it cuts out the need for a clasp, as it can be tied into an adjustable bow!

Thanks! – Sara

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