What are Rose Montees?

FusionBeads.com has just launched the Swarovski Elements Crystal Rose Montee line! So what are these fantastic crystals from Swarovski’s Metal Trimmings collection? A Rose Montee consists of a Swarovski Elements Flatback Rhinestone mounted in a metal cup with a prong setting. The cup contains two channels in the back which allow for stringing thread, wire, or beading wire in two directions. The double direction of the holes ensures secure application as well as a variety of uses that cannot be achieved with a single-hole component. Traditionally, Rose Montees have been used to embellish fabric, but they are the perfect accent for bead weaving and embroidery as well, and they can even be used with beading wire projects and wire projects. If you choose to use Rose Montees for bead weaving, keep in mind that the channels are made of metal, so it is recommended that you use Fireline or another strong thread as opposed to Nymo or other threads that can easily be cut by the sharp edges of the channels. If you use Rose Montees in a wire project, it is necessary to use wire that is 24 gauge or finer as the wires will not be able to cross each other in the channels otherwise.

If you need ideas of what to create with these new Rose Montees, check out the following new FusionBeads.com Inspiration jewelry: Lots O’ Dots Bracelet, I Do Earrings, First Comes Love Bracelet and Then Comes Marriage Necklace!

Have Fun! – Sara

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