How to Start an Even Count Peyote Pattern!

Many of you have requested an easy-to-use tutorial on how to start an even count peyote pattern, and your requests have been heard! While even count peyote is a basic beadweaving technique, the method of starting a pattern is not very intuitive. With the diagrams below, I will show you exactly how to start your first few rows of a peyote pattern so that you can be on your way to creating a stunning jewelry project!

Step 1: You will begin a peyote pattern by stringing the first two rows of the pattern, alternating back and forth beginning with the second row.

Step 2: To start the third row, string bead 13 (in the diagram below) and run the needle back up through bead 11. This will cause bead 12 and 13 to rest next to each other. Make sure to hold tightly onto your work so that the beads stay snug next to each other. Next, string on bead 14, then run the needle up through bead 9. Continue this pattern all the way back to bead 1 and you are ready to turn and begin row 4!

Now that you can master a peyote pattern, check out all of our patterns on!

Good Luck! – Sara

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