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Are you in need of some jewelry products to inspire your bridal jewelry designs this season? Whether you are a bride, a bridesmaid or a wedding attendee, you will need some stunning and fabulous jewelry! I have picked out the most beautiful, high quality beads, filigrees, pendants, chain and findings to help you create the most gorgeous wedding jewelry! To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog post saying how you would incorporate some or all of these products into your wedding designs! You can even let us know who you’ll be making the jewelry for! Make sure to enter now, because the giveaway ends on Wednesday, April 27, at 4:00 PM PDT!

Since this giveaway is packed with sparkles galore, here is a list of all the goodies that you’ll receive if you win!

50 – 4mm Cream Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls (PL5001)
30 – 6mm Cream Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls (PL5301)
20 – 8mm Cream Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls (PL5501)
2 – 12x7mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Teardrop Sew-On Stones (EW0415)
2 – 16mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Baroque Pendants (SC2701)
2 – 16mm Crystal Golden Shadow Swarovski Elements Crystal Pear-shaped Pendants (SC4480)
1 – 20mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Gold Plated Filigree (RI1335)
1 – 29.5mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Gold Plated Filigree (RI2057)
1 – 8x19mm Gold-Filled Oval Filigree Clasp (GF3023)
1 pair – 16mm Gold-Filled Cubic Zirconia Ear Wire (GF3125)
18 inches – 1.7mm Gold-Filled Elongated Curb Chain (CN1102)

Good Luck! – Sara

266 comments to Enter Our Wedding Giveaway!

  • OOH! I think a bib style necklace out of these would be lovely! Kind of random, but very elegant!!

  • Tim&Corey

    I am entering for my Fiancee…she deserves it and will find the perfect way to incorporate these into our Dec 10 Beach wedding!

    Thanks for offering this contest!

  • I specialize in special occasion pieces. I would love to win!

  • How would I use these elements? Gosh! I can’t even begin to count the ways! Maybe a netted bib, maybe a “caterpillar” style bracelet… My mind is whirling. So many possibilities!

  • I would incorporate the pearls and with some sparkle maybe in a wire crochet necklace…..

  • What an exquisite selection! I would use these pieces in such a way that highlighted the elegance of the pieces, without competing with the bride on her special day! What a delight to “play” with these components until the perfect design made itself known! My cousin has a beach wedding coming up, and I would be thrilled to make him something to present to his bride — and to showcase it on my Facebook page, as well! :-)

  • I would incorporate the pearls and with some sparkle maybe in a wire crochet necklace and then add some crystals and wire to complete the look.

  • I am picturing that big celestial star on a black velvet ribbon, with some pretty Swarovski dangling earrings. Very Victorian!

  • Oh gracious! Those pearls! The crystals! All of it – I can just imagine the bracelet and necklace set I would knit up with these. GORGEOUS!

  • These are beautiful elements!! I think a statement piece would be in order. One that begins with elegance, beauty and “once upon a time”…. and ends with “…happily ever after!!”

  • Jenn B

    So many ideas! The idea that immediately came to mind was a victorian inspired choker style piece with matching earrings. drop the crystals from the center for sparkle. :)

  • MaryB

    I think a veil band or tiara would be really beautiful, using these things offerings.

  • My daughter is getting married in August. I would use these components for earrings for the brides maids and for the bride, as well as other pieces for the mother’s of the bride and groom!!

  • Sue Xiong

    I am a photographer so I would use these as wedding earring gifts for my clients!

  • Gina Sandoval

    I love sparkly crystals of all sorts, I would def use the crystals to accent some of my designs!

  • Michelle

    I would love to win this giveaway. I would use these in the making of my cousins bridal jewelry that I have been asked to make for the wedding party. Thank you

  • michele

    Just lovely, but I need to see the bride to know exactly what i would do! I am inspired by meeting the person I design for. These offer limitless options!

  • Donna Garland

    I would love to be able to make something beautiful for my friends who are getting married. These elements are beautiful! Thanks

  • My sister’s getting married this summer, and I’m making her bridal jewelry as a wedding gift. Her theme is Pirate Formal, so I’d take those pearls and put them in various sizes of wire mesh ribbon for the netting effect.

  • Jeanne Graham

    My son is in the navy and he and his wife had to have a court house wedding last October before he left for combat training. They are now planning a formal wedding and it would be my gift to my daughter-in-law, if I was to win, to design her the most amazing pieces for her to wear for their ceremony. She deserves something special like I would be able to make with this set. They are the most dedicated couple and this would be the best way I could show her how much she is appreciated and welcome her to the family. So please consider me to win these beautiful elements.

  • Lisa Simpson

    My son is getting married on May 6th 2011 and I promised his bride I would make her wedding jewelry. This would be wonderful. Pearls for the classic look with just enough crystal to add some bling.

  • I would definitely use the cream pearls with that gorgeous Swarovski Elements crystal pendant!!
    Thanks for the chance to win these beauties!!

  • shirley

    I would use many of them to create a tiara with a flowing veil – yummy creamy and sparkly!

    maybe a nice bracelet too?

  • Judy

    I envision a lariat style necklace with a combo of the pearls and pear-shape pendants on the ends. Would LOVE to try this!!

  • Stephanie W

    Definitely long dangling earrings, I love the gold & crystal filigree :) Pearl necklace + pearl drop earrings with crystal accents sounds nice!

  • Noreen Wolkiewicz

    I am currently making bridesmaid necklaces for a friend. Wish I had this now for the Bride. Pearls are simple and would be perfect, would not want to take away from the beauty of the bride. As for the elements and crystals, they must be incorporated into the veil or headpiece.

  • Kris

    I would use these to the best of my ability to make a statement piece for the bride. I would love to win for the chance to create!

  • Debi Brinsfield

    I like to do a wide peyote base and put tons of embellishment on it to start. I never know where I’m going til I get done, but would make necklace, bracelet and earrings to match. I would love to start a collection of beads to start on jewelry for my daughters wedding.

  • Amiee Lofruscio

    I would definatly make a multi strand pearl necklace w/ one of the filigree’s offset to the side with one of the tear drops dropping down with a short chain. In my mind it is lovely!

  • Leslie

    I love making jewelry. I have been doing it since I was 6 years old and of course for my July 2 2011 wedding to my knight in camo armour will wear handmade jewelry and wouldnt have it any other way. My MOH and mom will also be wearing something special made from my heart.

  • Angela Wintz

    I would create a multi-strand necklace with the filigree off center; and filigree earrings with dangling teardrop jewels. Beautiful!

  • I would make my 2 grandmothers jewelry to wear at my wedding because the color is perfect for them!!!!!

  • Christine P.

    I am designing the jewelry for my niece’s wedding in October and would definitely use the pearls and crystals to make her something elegant and beautiful. For her bridesmaids, I could use the gold pieces since I am also making them some jewelry as her gift to them for being in her wedding. This package would go to good use for sure!

  • Dorrie

    I would definitely make a necklace and matching earrings for the bride. If enough beads are left over, a bracelet for the Maid-of-Honor!

  • Valerie

    If I were making jewelry for a bride that was wearing a vintage dress, i’d make her some tear drop swarovski crystal earrings and a pearl bracelet.

  • How amazing that just this afternoon I was in my studio, thinking to myself how I would love to add Bridal jewelry to my gallery of designs. I was checking my FB page and wow a chance to enter a give-a-way of Bridal jewelry components. I think this must be fate. As for the design, everything I do comes from having a palette of beads, components in front of me and the design comes to life. Never know what will manifest until it is complete. Thank-you for the opportunity.

  • I love mixing the pearls with vintage stampings to create one of a kind looks for brides!

  • Darci

    I would love to see 6mm pearls with small swarovski crystals between then and then some kind of a drop to hand down just slightly in the center, maybe a swarovski heart or tear drop.

  • Laura Kalck

    A very good friend of mine is getting married and I would love to make her bridal jewelry. The pieces are so beautiful!

  • Christina

    I would use the 6mm and 8mm pearls, chain, one of the filigrees and the clasp to make a double strand choker style necklace. And also make a pair of earrings with the ear wires, 4mm pearls and the golden shadow pear crystals.
    I would love to wear them to my own wedding, which will be victorian/steampunk themed :)

  • A friend of mine is getting married in June and I will be making earrings and necklaces for the bride and bridesmaids! So fun!

  • I would make a chain with pearl and use one of the stones in the center.

  • Ashley EM

    i will have a new sister in law this year, i would love to make her a pair of beautiful woven bead earrings with this!

  • I made a pearl and gold bib style recently and would use the winnings to make something rather similar. You can see a pic on my facebook. The website URL is hopefully a direct link to my photo albums. :-) Thanx

  • c dill

    I love to make dream catchers for wedding gifts.
    Every newly wed couple should have one to catch and hold all their dreams for a lifetime together.
    So that is what I would do with these wonderful items.
    I use pearls, crystals and a focal piece on them. Enough pretties for at least 2 of them in this kit.
    Plus extras for other projects.
    ~Dreaming of Winning~

  • I made a pearl and gold bib style necklace recently with acrylic and glass. I would make something similar with the winnings and incorporate drops as well. The website link should go to my facebook album. Pics are viewable by anyone. Or just look me up by my name.

  • I just finished a huge (bride, 7 bridesmaids, flower girl) bridal party consignment and I taught myself to knot pearls. I have so many ideas for these sparklies!

  • Peg Price

    I would use the 20mm filigree as the focal pendant on the gold chain that would be broken up by the 4 and 6 mm pearls. I’m not sure if the lengths of the chain between the pearls would be equal lengths or varying; I’d have to try it as I went and saw how it looked. The 16mm crystal pear shape pendants would be for the earrings and be accented with the pearls to tie them into the necklace design. The larger filigree would go into the design of the veil so everything in the bride’s outfit would be cohesive and complementing each other.

  • Joyce Simmons

    I’d make a lovely lariat style necklace and some earrings to match! Maybe even a bracelet to go with those.

  • Donna Clark

    Our son is getting married to the most beautiful young woman. A necklace made of these pearls would make a lovely necklace, bracelet, earrings & broach which would look stunning against her skin (she loves sunbathing and has a healthy, sunkissed glow lol)!