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Are you in need of some jewelry products to inspire your bridal jewelry designs this season? Whether you are a bride, a bridesmaid or a wedding attendee, you will need some stunning and fabulous jewelry! I have picked out the most beautiful, high quality beads, filigrees, pendants, chain and findings to help you create the most gorgeous wedding jewelry! To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog post saying how you would incorporate some or all of these products into your wedding designs! You can even let us know who you’ll be making the jewelry for! Make sure to enter now, because the giveaway ends on Wednesday, April 27, at 4:00 PM PDT!

Since this giveaway is packed with sparkles galore, here is a list of all the goodies that you’ll receive if you win!

50 – 4mm Cream Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls (PL5001)
30 – 6mm Cream Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls (PL5301)
20 – 8mm Cream Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls (PL5501)
2 – 12x7mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Teardrop Sew-On Stones (EW0415)
2 – 16mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Baroque Pendants (SC2701)
2 – 16mm Crystal Golden Shadow Swarovski Elements Crystal Pear-shaped Pendants (SC4480)
1 – 20mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Gold Plated Filigree (RI1335)
1 – 29.5mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Gold Plated Filigree (RI2057)
1 – 8x19mm Gold-Filled Oval Filigree Clasp (GF3023)
1 pair – 16mm Gold-Filled Cubic Zirconia Ear Wire (GF3125)
18 inches – 1.7mm Gold-Filled Elongated Curb Chain (CN1102)

Good Luck! – Sara

266 comments to Enter Our Wedding Giveaway!

  • As a member of the Vancouver Island Etsy Team, I created a Facebook page to help raise funds for Japan Relief entitled ‘What Can You Do To Help Japan?’ I would like to create a beautiful wedding hair accessory to donate to the cause using your wonderful wedding giveaway set. I have already donated several items for Japan and would love to make this another one. Thank you! Micki

  • Sandra Behn

    The collection is beautiful. I would make a pearl necklace with one of the pendant as a vocal & pear pendants as earring.

  • T. Martin

    A friend of our family is getting married. This collection would make a wonderful surprise for her bridal jewelry.

  • nmgray1

    The collection is beautiful. I would let me daughter put the creation together for her own wedding. That might entice her to create more beautiful pieces.

  • Karen Huber

    I wold make a beautiful necklace and earrings for a friend that is getting married.

  • These items are Bridal. You cannot create Bridal without Swarovski.

  • What beautiful materials! Just looking at them makes me want to sit down and create something elligant. Crystal and pearl are the perfect combo!

  • Karen McG

    So lovely, and I know a lovely bride-to-be who would just adore some jewelry made from these beads.

  • Ronna Smith

    My daughter is getting married 7/30/2011, my nephew is getting married 9/2/2011 and my son is getting married 5/27/2012. Two of the three brides are “pearl girls” and are having me make their bridal party jewelry, one of which has 9 bridesmaids! Needless to say, I don’t have to look very far to come up with uses for these beautiful items.

  • Joni G.

    My brother is getting married – it would be a nice surprise to make some one-of-a-kind jewelry for the bride-to-be!

  • Chris Dag

    The list of treasures are a bin of inspiration and imagination. The elements bring to mind days of yore with romance and love. The weave dreaming of jewelry for a bride for her something new on her great day wants reality. So bring on the beauty and let’s make an heirloom.

  • Melissa K

    I would love to win this set, my best friend since we were 15 is getting married this September and I am making her wedding jewelry! This would be a perfect addition! :)

  • Vickie G.

    My daughter’s best friend will be married in November, 2011. My daughter may be the Maid of Honor in absentia, due to the probability of a job in South Korea or China. These Swarovski bridal elements will close the miles as a personal link for these best friends. My designs and crafting will be so special for them and for me.

  • I have always enjoyed using pearls in most on my creations. They classy and clasic.

  • gwen

    I love this giveaway! Making bridal jewelry is one of my favorite kind of jewelry to make! I especially love creating with swarvorski crystals!

  • valarie

    I would make a lovely bridal set for my niece who is getting married. I can just picture pearl clusters over the top of the crystal baroques, and a Victorian style choker with the larger filigree as the focal point. I would use the smaller filigree to make a necklace for her flower girl.

  • sarah strachan

    I have a very good reason to use these! My brother is planning on proposing this year! We lover her, and I’m super excited to gain an awesome sister! Shhhh dont tell her!!!!

  • Bea

    This is a beautiful collection. I would create a bridal set, including necklace, earrings and bracelet. Then auction it off and the money would go to charity. Right now it would most likely be for the earthquake relief in Japan, otherwise for Breast cancer.

  • Bea

    This is a beatiful collection. I would make a bridal set, including necklace, earrings and bracelet and auction it off for charity. Right now, it would go to the earthquake relief fund in Japan.

  • Ren

    My mom is getting married in November. I would love to incorporate this collection into the pieces I’m going to make for her and myself. I get to walk her down the aisle!

  • Mary

    My parents anniversary is coming up– I would use this to make something for my mom :)

  • Michelle

    My neice is getting married early next year and has asked me to create her jewelry. From the collection above I would start with a necklace made from the pearls and chain. As my neice’s dress is off the shoulder I would have the necklace be several strands, starting with chocker length and have the strands become gradually longer. I would use the larger of the two filigree pieces as a focal point for the necklace and the filigree clasp to finish. I would balance the necklace with very simple earrings using Cubic Zirconia Ear Wires and one 8mm pearl each as a dangle.

    For her going away outfit I would use the sew-on stones and the other filigree piece sewn to the lapel of her coat. I would make earrings with two of the smallest pearls and the remaining pendant pieces.

    These ideas are very close to the ideas I have already sketched for her. Adding the above elements would make the jewelry perfect.

  • What a lovely collection of beads and components! My niece is getting married in September so this would give me just enough time to make some special pieces for her and the bride’s maids.

    I think I would create chain using pearls as links, and attach the chain to the gold flower pendants for some. The rest would be the same, but using the gold chain. As for the drops, the smaller ones would make good earrings (with pearls as well) and the larger one would look lovely dangling from the gold flower focals.

  • Cathy Wilkins

    My daughter is getting married this fall. I would love to use one of the pendants in the middle of a pearl necklace for her to wear at her wedding.

  • my nephew is getting married this summer. and i want to be the one who makes wedding jewelry set for the bride!

  • Lise

    Love the Crystal Baroque Pendants!!

  • Vanessa

    My brother is overseas serving our country and his eldest daughter will be getting married in June. He will be unable to give her away. Having a handmade bridal set would be a small consolation for his absentia.

  • Della

    What would I do with this set? Well I design a piece of jewelry that any bride would love to have in her wedding set. And then I would give it away to a friend for her wedding.

  • Beth

    This would be perfect for a good friend’s wedding jewelry which I offerred to make

  • Suzanne

    My bellydance friend Suzanne’s wedding theme is ‘Bollywood Turn of the Century.’ A mixture of lenghas and cholis in rich fabrics, silk satin Victorian sheath gowns and picture hats will be featured. What is left from making jewelry for her and the bridesmaids can be used for a gorgeous white bellydance costume I’m collecting beautiful shiny things for.

  • Sheila

    These are lovely. I would use most of them & add AB Bicone crystals to make a smashing wedding clutch bag for my friend Lis, who will be married next year.

  • Stephanie Howell

    I love this collection! My mouth is watering just looking at them. I don’t know off hand how I would assemble the set, but I have some good ideas. My niece is getting married this coming fall and I would love to make her a set that is as special as she is. The thought of having her wear the jewelry I would make by hand would be the best gift of all, for both of us.

  • Carole

    I have an old and dear friend who has been more than gracious in making beautiful dresses for special occasions for my daughter. She is thinking of getting married, and I would use these to return her generosity by making her a beautiful bridal set to wear on her wedding day.

  • Kathy Vang

    I love the combination!! I would definitely use everything and create a long, layered vintage inspired piece. It would be elegant, classy and simple so that the bride can where it after her wedding too! I might have to borrow it from her!

  • Aileen

    This collection of treasures is gorrrgeous!! I would love to design a set for my aunt. I would use the 4mm pearls to create a drop styled choker length necklace with four drops, with larger drops in the center. Each drop will contain pearls increasing in size towards the bottom of the drop. The center of the choker will have feature the 20mm filigree with a crystal baroque pendant drop. Earrings will be made using hand-wrought gold wire to create chandelier findings that will feature 4mm and 6mm pearl drops. My aunt be headed back to the Philippines after she gives birth (not too far in the future ^_^), so this would be perfect as a farewell present.

  • MelodyJ

    I could make a pendant necklace and pearl earrings.


  • What a fun contest!

    I’d create:
    Earrings from
    2 – 16mm Crystal Golden Shadow Swarovski Elements Crystal Pear-shaped Pendants (SC4480), each accented w/ a 8mm Cream Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls (PL5501) and capped with gold filigree bead caps, not shown)

    Bracelet using the 1 – 20mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Gold Plated Filigree (RI1335) as a focal amidst the three strands of the remaining pearls as dangles from the 1.7mm Gold-Filled Elongated Curb Chain (CN1102).

    And a sash using the 29.5mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Gold Plated Filigree (RI2057) sewn onto a ribbon with additional pearls and the 12x7mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Teardrop Sew-On Stones (EW0415). The sash could be used as a belt, especially great for an empire waist gown or used to tie back the brides hair.

  • penny miles

    would love to use the pearls in some tatting designs

  • I have a dear friend getting married, and I would absolutely LOVE to have these beads so I can create a piece for her wedding! Since I have started designing jewelry, several friends have asked me to do pieces for them and I am totally honored to do so. It is so amazing to know that they like my work so much that they want it to be a part of their special day. And if I were to win this, I could create something truely breathtaking and special for my friend.

  • The collection is the perfect match for my friend’s wedding with her colors. She would look beautiful with a pearl and gold necklace and earrings. An off-centered broach like pendant with pearls staggered around multi-strands of gold chain would be nice. I would makea sparkly drop earrings with the crystals to match. I’m inspired!

  • Kalli

    These are some of my favorite Swarovski materials! I would use all of them to make earrings and necklaces for my bridal customers, including a childhood friend getting married soon.

  • Pearls, crystals & gold – what’s not to love!!!!! I would incorporate everything into my wedding. Filigree & crystals hung on a string of pearls as the centerpiece on my neck – crystals on my ears – pearls & crystals in my hair. Must have. Oooooh, I hope I win :D Thanks for the opportunity!

  • autumn

    I am having a vintage diy wedding. This would make for the perfect jewelry to match my theme. I love it.

  • Aubrey

    The gold filigrees combined with the warm champagne tones are just perfect for a romantic, candlelit wedding! I am picturing a long necklace, worn doubled-over, with varying sizes and shapes for the chain-link sections, to keep things interesting. I would use the larger of the floral brooches, along with some of the pearls, and would definitely incorporate a few thin strands of chanpagne/ivory dupioni silk, providing continuity for the bridal gown and it’s accent jewels. The second piece of jewelry would be a three-stranded cuff-style bracelet, using the pearls and the gold-chain. Finally, I would use the second floral brooch to create a clasp for the bride’s clutch-style purse for her big-day, which she could use after the event as a pendant, brooch, or even to wear in her hair. And those remaining crystals & pearls would be used to make a few other pieces of jewelry for the lucky bride to wear on her honeymoon & to start down her path of wedded-bliss in beautifully-beaded style!

  • Would love to wire wrap a beautiful wedding collection… yummy!

  • Joyce Stepp

    My husband and I are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary next year, and our children are giving us a big bash–so I would use the beautiful crystals, pearls and gold for my jewelry!! I would use the pearls with the filigree connecting the chain at the side. I already have it pictured in my mind! Either the pear or baroque crystals would make beautiful earrings. I can see it already!! For a 70 year old, I’m beautiful.

  • These are so beautiful, I would hold on to them until my 20 year old daughter falls in love and sets the date. I think they would be truly special and give her something she could pass down to her daughter. Thanks for letting me stop by….
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Jennifer

    I adore pearls, I would love to make a shimmering vintage inspired bridal set with earrings, a necklace, and bracelet. Something that would be classic and elegant, that a bride could wear for other special occasions as well.

  • Robyn M.S

    So far, my May and June calendar contains one family reunion, Mother’s day, two Bridal Showers and two weddings. I can think of several gifts where I could incorporate these lovely beads.

  • Eunice Leon

    My husband told me: click on here (I don’t know what he was looking for). The fact is that it came out of the give away and I am delighted!! i havent had my wedding in the church yet but it is my desire to do this summer and these components would make the most beautiful necklace and earrings in the world because they are totally to my liking. :D.. i hope i get lucky.