Make it Personal With Birthstone Jewelry!

With Mothers’ Day and graduation both coming up, chances are that you have some gifts to make! I know that my mom waits patiently (well, maybe a little impatiently) for Mothers’ Day to roll around because she knows that she will always receive an original piece of jewelry from me that she can add to her overflowing collection. I always want to give her the most personal jewelry possible and have found that one of the best ways to do this is with personalized birthstone jewelry! I’ve already made the Family Tree Earrings for her, and sometimes I’ll catch her showing off her one-of-a-kind earrings to all of her friends. Birthstone jewelry is great for grads too, whether you personalize the gift with a single birthstone of the graduate or with the birthstones of the whole family. It’s always nice to have a reminder of your family when you’re away at college!

I love to use Swarovski crystals for birthstone jewelry as there is at least one crystal color for every birthstone and a variety of shapes as well! Check out the chart above to help you find which crystals work for each month, and don’t forget to look at the Birthstones FAQ page for more extensive information, including gemstone birthstone information! even has a Birthstone Inspiration page to help you get birthstone jewelry design ideas! Below are some of my suggestions for crystal shapes that work perfectly as birthstone charms, although some of them are only available in select colors:

Another fun way to incorporate crystal birthstone colors into jewelry is with flat back message charms in silver, gold and copper! These charms all include an inspiring word on one side and an indentation for a size SS9 flat back crystal rhinestone on the other side – perfect for your birthstone jewelry!

Good luck creating birthstone jewelry! – Sara

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