My Mom, My Style Icon!

When asked, most people will say that their style icon is someone famous – Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama, Katie Holmes or Jennifer Lopez. However, a girl’s first style icon is usually her mother. Be it good or bad, for many of us, our moms were the ones who we saw everyday, who dressed us and influenced our style. While it’s great to show your mother you love her with the gift of handmade jewelry, another fantastic way to show appreciation is just to say thank you. For this Mothers’ Day, we want to say thank you to all the mom’s who have helped shape our love of fashion and jewelry! Here is a little peak of some of the girls on the Creative Team with our stylin’ moms…

Katie and her mom, Eileen

Lindsay and her mom, Shirley

Me (Sara), and my mom, Kathy

Keep on Stylin’! – Sara

Don’t forget to start working on Mothers’ Day jewelry soon! Look at our Mothers’ Day Inspiration page for ideas!

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