Our Nunn Design Giveaway Winner Is…

Laura N.! Congratulations Laura on winning a stash of brand new Nunn Design bezels, key pendants, collage pendants and a keepsake pendant! When asked what she plans to do with the new keepsake pendant, Laura told us, “I’m not sure which of my ideas I would do so I would have to make two. The one for me would hold some of both of my babies’ hair with maybe some crystals in their birthstone colors and the one for my daughter would be filled with her aromatherapy herbs and flowers.” What a fantastic answer! When we told Laura that she won, she replied, “I LOVE Fusion Beads!  You are my #1 beading supply “store” and this has made me LOVE you even MORE (if that is even possible)!  I can’t wait to use the “keepsake” bottle!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” Well, Laura, you are so welcome and we love you too! Thanks for shopping with us!

For everyone who didn’t win the giveaway, the new Nunn Design product line is finally available on FusionBeads.com, so you can start shopping! If you’re still in the winning spirit, go ahead and enter to win our most recent giveaway, an amazing handmade artist bead by Heart Beads!

Happy Beading! – Sara

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