Handmade Artist Bead Giveaway!

At FusionBeads.com, we love to carry the most beautiful and innovative artist beads. Supporting these artists and getting to know them is a joy for us, and we want to share our love of handmade artist beads with you! We are going to give away the amazing and supremely detailed Summer Dusk Cylinder Bead by Heart Beads to one lucky winner. The background of this bead is created by layering up to a dozen colors and clear shading while forming and shaping the glass bead in a flame. Glass enamel mixed with oils is applied with a steady, practiced hand to give each bead its intricate detailing. The bead is then fired again to fuse the enamel, and the process is repeated on the bead’s other side. We couldn’t be happier to share this work of art with you!

To enter to win this bead, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you would like to do with this bead if you win it! The last day to enter the contest is Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 4 PM PDT. A winner will be randomly selected and notified by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Sara

423 comments to Handmade Artist Bead Giveaway!

  • Ann

    Love this bead! I think I would make a bracelet because I would wear it often and be able to admire it.

  • Pat

    This bead would look awesome as a focal bead for a necklace entitled Nature’s Voice. Hope I am the lucky recipient. Thanks for having the contest.

  • Sheila

    Such a beautiful Bead!!!

    I’d use it in a 3 stand necklace, with the 3 strands being united with this bead on the right shoulder side. I’d also use small silver fennels with purple and green crystals to match the bead, along with an occasional black.

    Thanks !

  • Laura

    BEAUTIFUL! I’d love to have this.

  • This is one of the most amazing beads I have ever seen! It could only be the focal point for a necklace for sure! I would love to win this and try to do it justice!

  • Sandy Hamlin

    This is incredible! It has my favorite colors and I would love to have it to play with and create an incredible necklace.

  • Marty

    Very simple: I would make a bracelet that I could look at all the time: I would put sterling silver 3mm balls (depending on the size of the bead – its size isn’t listed) on each end and string it with sterling silver full hard round 18 gauge wire, bent to the exact shape of my own wrist. I would do a couple of 5 or 6 mm scrolls on each end of the open wire. I definitely wouldn’t want to sell this piece!

  • One of the most amazing beads I have ever seen. It could only be the focal point for a necklace for sure. I would love to win this and try to do it jusctice!

  • Stacy

    This Bead is Beautiful!! If I am the lucky winner..I think I would use it as a focal for a necklace.

    Crossing Fingers-It’s Beautiful! :)

  • Kathy

    I would love to use it for a focal point in a necklace.
    I would use silver spacers on the top and bottom of the bead to make it’s focal point more dramatic. I would choose beads of matching colors, would use a dull finished beads, not to take away from the focal point.
    then incorporated the beads in the necklace as if extending the the tree to surround the neck.

  • Deborah Farver

    I would use this bead as the focal point in a bracelet. It is beautiful!!

  • I would love to have this bead! I have never worked with a real artist’s bead, so this would be my first. The tree is fabulous, I love it!

  • Trisha

    I would use it as a focal point for a necklace in free-form crochet!

  • What a beautiful bead! I would love to make a necklace with that! Beautiful colors!

  • Denise Smith

    I would use this bead to create a “Pretty Pen with a Purpose.” I would add other artist lampwork beads in clear glass to accent and some Tierra Cast large hole silver filled bead accents as well. Then I would donate the pen to the “Relay for Life” auction and set the pace with the first bid at $200.00. Others would easily follow as there are many here who love beautiful beads and “Pretty Pens with a Purpose.” And many more of us who are cancer survivors or are in treatment now. (I am in process of creating a little non-profit named Pretty Pens with a Purpose…I first found the pens and the lampwork beads on fusion beads. I’m just a woman trying to beat breast cancer and needing to pay medical bills. Other friends needed help too. So we just keep making pens. Thanks for the helps and ideas…Fusion…much love to you…much love indeed)

  • Kristie Hadden

    I would most likely try to create a two strand necklace w/this bead as the center and the two strands extending from the top and bottom of the bead so it is positioned as you see in the picture… possibly as choker style or w/this bead sitting at collar-bone level… not sure… would have to play w/it a bit…

  • Natalie

    Wow, what a fantastic piece of art. I would use this is a focal of a necklace for sure. I would hang it on a sterling fancy head pin and wire wrap it and suspend it from a sterling silver chain that I would evenly space wire wrapped amethyst colored pearls or Swarovski 6mm bicones just to add a little bit of purple but not to take away from the beauty of this piece. :)

  • Melissa Gutierrez

    I think I would make this into a necklace, probably macrame.

  • Erin Strother

    If I won this bead, I would pair it with amethyst and turquoise. What a cool focal!

  • Judy carter

    Beautiful!!! I do believe I would just admire it and display it a.d wait for it to speak to me.

  • Debbie

    I have NEVER blogged before, so here it goes. I would love to take this beautiful, handmade artist bead & incorporate it into a necklace that was given to me by my grandmother who is 94-yrs-old. The necklace is quite old & has beads of varying shapes & sizes in blues, greens & purples. The silk thread holding it together had disentegrated & broke, but I have saved every bead just waiting for something to inspire me. I have to say now that I believe this in the exact inspiration that I’ve needed.

  • Beeeeutiful!!! I would most certainly use this as a focal bead on a necklace for the world to see. : ) Good luck everyone.

  • Marlene Jackson

    This is the most awesome bead! I would love to use it as a center piece in a beautiful necklace.

  • Love this bead! It would be a fantastic focal point in a beaded necklace-focal point off center of course! I’d mix it with peridot, phosphosiderite and apatite beads along with some sterling silver accent beads. I’ve been drooling over these beads since I found them on your website. I’ve avoided buying them because of the cost but it would make an amazing high end necklace!

  • Donna Fordham

    I would love to make a necklace as a gift for my Daughter for Mothers Day with this very special beautiful bead. She has given me the greatest gifts of all my two wonderful grandsons..this would make an awesome gift for her..thanks !! :)

  • I would finally take an evening and make something for myself! I think some fire polished Czech glass and pearls in a multi-strand necklace… I would probably never take it off! I’ve been so busy getting ready for jewelry parties and art shows, I haven’t had time to make anything new for me!

  • Simply an amazing work of artistry! Thank you for sharing!

  • I LOVE TREES, any piece with a tree is such and inspiration to me, i would prob. use this in a multistrand necklace with similiar color Czech Glass Beads! ;)

  • Anissa Gahagan

    Beautiful bead! LOVE the silhouette of the trees against the colorful landscape. I would certainly make a necklace with it; so many design possibilities with this one! Set off-center, surrounded by all black beads, maybe of various sizes and shapes,it would certainly stand out and be very striking. But I love the other colors so I’d probably use a little blue, purple and green, too.

  • Jane Swagel

    I would use this unique bead as an offset focal point in a necklace.

  • Shirley Doyle

    I simply LOVE this bead :)

  • Michele

    This gorgeous bead cries out to be the inspiration for a to die for necklace. I would be thrilled to win it!

  • Kristi Andrews

    This is the inspiration I needed to start making jewelry again & take some time for me. I would make a necklace for sure. So beautiful – thanks for sharing!

  • I would use this beautiful bead to do something very creative with wire work. I am already picturing a couple of different pendants with it.

  • I would use this beautiful bead as part of the focal point by incorporating it into a decorative clasp with 18g silver wire. I would put it on a strand of amethyst beads with some accenting crystals. The focal point/clasp would be worn so it sets off center.

  • MaryB

    This would definitely become the diva of a necklace. This is really beautiful!

  • Rita

    Beautiful. I’d probably use it as the focal in a necklace.

  • This bead is amazing!! The artist is very talented. I would use it as a focal hung from a beaded rope. The rope would match the colors of the top of the bead, darkening into midnight blues. I think a small green fringe at the bottom would help to hilight the colors of the focal bead. I would LOVE to work with this beautiful bead.

  • Tracy Graber

    I think this bead is gorgeous- the moon behind the black tree silhouette! I am new to the beading world, and I love making new creations. I also love to walk at night, so I would incorporate this into a bracelet with some silver and semi-precious beads, as a personal talisman! :-)

  • Christy

    Beautiful bead. I don’t know exactly what I’d use it for if I won it, but I’m sure I’d think of something!

  • That certainly is an amazing work of art! I would use it in a bracelet so that both I and others could enjoy looking at it when I am wearing it.

  • Pamela Chambers

    This bead is beautiful – love the colors. As a earth sign I’m always looking for special focal beads to use in my work that follow along with my sign. Used with mixed media beads in the same color pallet would provide a wonderful backdrop to this inspiring scene.

  • Kiersten

    I would use it as a focal bead in a Kumihimo necklace. What a beautiful bead.

  • Lisa Wicker

    I would use this bead as a focal for a bracelet, so whomever I give it to, can look at its beauty. The cylindrical shape would allow it to turn, showing a different view all the time. Just like the day turning into night, it would remind us of the ever changing times.

  • Jennifer Patterson

    That is JUST the bead I have been looking for…for a pattern I found in a magazine. I would appreciate it very much if I won!

  • Mandy Wolfe

    Love this bead.. The detailed work that went into it, would look great with a piece i am doing, with some old dark blue antique beads with flat silver spacers to add a unique look.

  • connie

    i would love to win these beads i would make a beautiful bracelet out of them oh i hope i win i have never won anything at all and these would be so nice to win

  • Amanda

    This is beautiful!! I would make a necklace for my best friend’s birthday. She absolutely loves trees and this is such a stunning bead!

  • Laura

    I was thinking the gorgeous bead would make a great pendant…until I read others who want to use it in a bracelet so they could admire & enjoy the bead more.

  • Rhonda

    This bead reminds me of my favorite art pottery. I think a brooch would set it off the best.