Handmade Artist Bead Giveaway!

At FusionBeads.com, we love to carry the most beautiful and innovative artist beads. Supporting these artists and getting to know them is a joy for us, and we want to share our love of handmade artist beads with you! We are going to give away the amazing and supremely detailed Summer Dusk Cylinder Bead by Heart Beads to one lucky winner. The background of this bead is created by layering up to a dozen colors and clear shading while forming and shaping the glass bead in a flame. Glass enamel mixed with oils is applied with a steady, practiced hand to give each bead its intricate detailing. The bead is then fired again to fuse the enamel, and the process is repeated on the bead’s other side. We couldn’t be happier to share this work of art with you!

To enter to win this bead, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you would like to do with this bead if you win it! The last day to enter the contest is Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 4 PM PDT. A winner will be randomly selected and notified by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Sara

423 comments to Handmade Artist Bead Giveaway!

  • I love the fact that there is a crescent moon and stream for the water elements,clouds for air,trees for earth and grass grown from the energy of the sun.I will make a necklace with this beautiful bead as the center pendant.I will wear it and all my friends will be in awe of it!! Ilove to bead!! Thank you for creating this Beauty Heart Beads!!

  • Alison Kretschmar

    I would use this wonderful bead in a simple necklace. An unadorned rope of complimentary coloured seed beads, with perhaps a tassel hanging under the focal bead. Gorgeous!

  • Barbara Tate

    Gorgeous bead!!

  • barbara pruitt

    beautiful bead, good luck to everyone

  • Leslie

    Focal Pendant, definitely. I’d pair it with a leather cord or silver chain and a hinged bail so it would be interchangeable. It would look beautiful if it were made into a pendant with gems,crystals,glass, and silver beads dangling from the bottom to highlight the colors in the bead. Beautiful work, Greg!

  • Beautiful bead by a very talented artist! I would make a SS bail for it and suspend it from a beaded necklace using amethyst and hand-forged SS connectors.

  • beautiful bead, good luck to all

  • This spectacular bead would be the focal point of a necklace that would designed around it.

  • Cindy Cooper

    If I won this beautiful bead, I would buy two more beads. If no two beads are matching, I would buy two that were similar in art and color. Then I would make a pair of earrings and a necklace. The necklace would be 22″ on a black satin cord. What I have pictured in my mind is simply stunning!

  • Judi Leatherberry

    I’d use it in an assymetrical necklace on the side with something like a dutch spiral on either side of it, and lots of summery colored swarovski crystals in different shapes throughout the necklace. Beaded rivoli clasp in front of necklace! Yummy!!

  • Abrian Burke

    I would make a necklace with this bead as the focal with gemstone compliments.

  • Jan Butterfield

    I love this bead . It would look lovely hanging as the main focal on a kumihimo braided necklace with accent beads in the braid and fringe hanging from the pendant. Here’s hopeing.

  • Cindy K

    I would make the focal bead on a simple necklace. I would want to focus on its beauty.

  • kristy

    put it in a necklace and LOVE it!

  • Sherene Casanova

    OMG…this is so incredibly SPLENDID!! Focal Bead of all Focal Beads!!

  • April McCart

    Awesome bead. I would probably use it for a necklace or fashion it into a hairpiece. I think the hair piece idea would be great. April

  • If I had this bead I would take it immediately to Sharri Moroshok of The Beaded Bead and she would accent it with her work and it would be a piece of art I would be proud to wear.

  • Tonya Muller

    I really love this bead. I have been obsessed lately with trees and leaves, so I would use it as a focal point in a necklace for my mother’s 70th Birthday. The artist should be very proud of this piece.

  • Gretchen Dewey

    I would like to use it as a component for a pendant to put on a beaded rope. Beautiful.

  • Janet Quinn

    I would use it as a focal point with hand made polymer beads to complement the colors, but not overwhelm it. It is exquisite.

  • Audrey Giarratno

    I would put this beauty on a nice silk cord and use as a bookmark.

  • Suzanne Gaskill

    I would like to make this the center bead for my friend who is getting married. I would like to create a necklace that will make memories for a lifetime!

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