Enter Our Swarovski Sneak Peek Giveaway!

Who wants new Swarovski crystals? Oh, and who wants them for free?! I know I do! I think my excitement has turned me into a mad woman, because I have decided to give away well OVER ONE HUNDRED beads and pendants from the new Swarovski line to one lucky person! Check out the photo above – you could get new Stairway beads, Be Charmed beads, a Miss U heart pendant, a Truly in Love heart pendant, a Devoted 2 U heart pendant and many beads, pendants and sew-on stones in our new colors! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on this blog post saying what new colors or shapes you are looking forward to the most. You can check out the new Swarovski line on our Swarovski Sneak Peek blog posts! Click here to see the new colors and effect and click here to see the new beads, pendants and components. I can’t want to hear what new crystals you won’t be able to live without! A winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday, March 2, 2011, so keep an eye on your e-mail inboxes! We will announce the winner on our Facebook page and our blog next Wednesday! And just to make you want it even more, here are all the crystals organized into the cute little box that could show up on your doorstep in a couple of weeks!

Good luck! – Sara

917 comments to Enter Our Swarovski Sneak Peek Giveaway!

  • Gina

    I am new to beading, but am SO in love with these!!! I would absolutely love to win and can’t wait to place an order (next paycheck!!!). Thanks!!

  • michele

    I love all of the new colors, but the chrysolite opla is just beautiful. I am not usually a heart person, either, but I just love the hearts in this line and may have to add some hearts to my creations! I hope I win!


  • Katie Nelson

    I SO want to get my hands on all of these beads! I love these new colors and would love to make pretty sparkles with them!

    Katie :)

  • Linda Hanssen

    I would just love to try out these new crystals. They look awesome and I am fairly new to beading….it would be wonderful if I won. What more is there…Swarovski…there is nothing better!

  • Jeannette

    I can’t wait for the new beads ! The colors are so beautiful ! The shapes are going to be so cool to work with too ! I Hope to win this awesome prize :)!

  • Donna Gibson

    Those are beautiful =)

  • Bobbi Richardson

    I always think I have all the beads I could ever need, that is, until I start anew project. Would LOVE to have these!

  • Barb Lindeman

    I love love love all the new color this year and would love to make a necklace using the pearls and hearts….:)

  • Michelle

    Love all the sparkly goodness! Looking forward to try their version of the charm beads!!

  • Debbi Tower

    Chrysolit Opal is gorgeous! Can’t wait.

  • Karen

    I want to win, pick me please for these beauties!

  • Brenda Wergin

    You ask who wants these to show up on their doorstep? I DO I DO! (please?) So glad I found your web site!! Everything I have ordered so far has more than met my expectations! (unlike some other bead suppliers I have used in the past, unfortunately) And these contests are so exciting!

  • kathleen peterson

    Wow! I would love to win. :) They are so beautiful!!!

  • Judy Lovely

    I love these! Wonder what projects I could start…would love to see!

  • Sandra Hutchinson

    I would love to have these on my doorstep. They are so pretty and really make you think of all the spring flowers with the beautiful colors.

  • Lynn Murray

    Although the new shapes are fascinating, I am loving the chrysolite opal, can’t wait to get my hands on some of those and start creating!

  • Sonya

    I would love to win these gorgeous Swarovski crystals they are simply to die for !!

  • KarenB

    I’ve been in love with Swarovski Crystal for over 20 years. I don’t work with anything but the best and these are it. Nothing compares!! I would love the chance to add these to my designs and expand my creativity!

  • noahla

    I love the new crystal gold pearls!! They are so feminine!!!

  • Lorraine

    Wow! You had me at Chrystallite Opal. I sit here browsing while at the pediatric ER dreaming about what I can make and give to my child’s female friends at school. Also to be able to make and sell as a fundraiser so kids in his aeronautical classes can be able to get flight lesson paid for by donations.

  • Brenda Wergin

    oh oh, I got so excited that I forgot to comment on my new upcoming favorite crystal. Hard choice, love the stairway beads and the hearts! they are soooo pretty :)

  • Heather

    I love all of the new hearts! Especially the Devoted 2 U. I would love to get them in the new Crystal Bronze effect.

  • Love the bronze and chrosolite beads I feel inspired feel inspired. Makes me very inspired.

  • OMG – I have to choose just 1?! I really love the new pearls and the adorable crystal hearts!

  • Looks like lots of fun!!! I love Swarovski!

  • Diane Raspi

    Love the new shapes… Especially the long rectangles with two holes – I see Chain Mail in their future!!!! I am getting ready for Easter Mother’s day! sooooo many new ideas!!!

  • Molly

    Can’t wait to combine the crystal bronze and vintage gold pearls. I think they’re going to make some beautiful vintage inspired jewelry…not to mention make me crave a latte….

  • melanie

    WOW, what can I say….Stunning, everytime Swarovski comes out with new shapes and colors I start loosing sleep, would love to win, but if I don’t I know where to order them from!

  • Susan Nelson

    It’s so fun to work with new ideas and products. How nice of you to do this. Good luck to everyone, but I hope I win!!! You guys are the best!

  • Eloria

    I am really excited about the new bronze crystals. Can’t wait to pair them some bronze charms and chain!

  • Melissa

    I am most looking forward to using the new hearts! They’re beautiful!

  • Christina Berger

    Love me some Swarkowski crystal! I don’t think I’ve made jewelry without some presence in years, not to mention how many I’ve added to quilts I’ve made!

  • Julie Kerschen

    Very neat colors, really like the Crystal Bronze Shade all the different colors that you can add with this and the hearts all the great ideas that are coming to mind. Can’t wait to get some. Would love to win!!!!!

  • Laura

    I love the new Miss U and Devoted 2 U pendants! The stairway beads are gorgeous as well!

  • I have been drawn to the beautiful Swarovski beads for as long as I can remember.The most perfect crystal,the colors and styles,the shine.Amazing, I would love to win them.I did not think that they could produce more incredable shapes and colors,how wonderful.
    Thank You,Lisa M. Calogero

  • Carol

    This prize is a beader’s DREAM!! Fabulous components offered by Swarovski CE & ultra-fabulous contest offering by Fusion Beads! Wow! Inspiring & FUN! Thank you!! Good luck to all participants!!

  • Jenelle

    Easily distracted by bright shiny objects!!!!

  • Sharon Alexander

    Oh, how I wish…… These are gorgeous and I want them really badly. I like shiny things.

  • Gretchen Dewey

    I love the new hearts and the twisted triangle. Great colors too. Pick me – I want to win.

  • I am in love with the Chrysolite Opal. As soon as I saw the name that was it. I am a lover of Opal.The Bronze shade is a beautiful colour too, love them both. I would love to play with the stairway beads and see the effects for myself.
    The sew on beads look interesting…
    Mind is swirling with ideas.

  • Carol

    Addendum – I neglected to mention in my previous post the colors & shapes that intrigue me… Must admit… Color does not matter! I love to play with color! Swarovski is a leader in the “fashion forward” jewelry trends. I’ve always been a fan of heart-shaped crystals & with all the new Swarovski heart-shaped styles & such array of colors, creativity WILL abound! Thank you again for such a wonderful opportunity to win such an amazing prize!

  • I’m so excited about the new colors, and the new hearts!! I’m not usually a heartsy or cutesy ind of person, but the new shape is compelling. I would love to use it in my wedding work! So beautiful!!

  • Jen Eldred

    The Chessboard beads are fabulous and those are the ones I’m most excited about!! Swarovski is da bomb, they are always coming out with such lovely stuff!

  • Love them! Can’t wait to see the inspiration pieces.

  • Rita Brown

    I LOVE the hearts and the pearls!

  • I love all the new heart shapes and can’t wait to make jewelry for all those in love or those of us that just love love!

  • Jennifer Roberts

    Oh my, have I just been inspired! I LOVE the shapes of these new heart crystals. The triangle and stairway crystals have just opened another whole doorway of ideas! The colors are outstanding. I’ve been beading jewelry for almost 20 years and I’ve been in a slump lately and that has definitely changed after looking at these. I hope I win!! :)

  • Pat

    I just love the new space cut sew-ons. I look forward to combining the new Crystal Bronze with Crystal Vintage Gold pearls. I go for autumnal colors, but the Chrysolite Opal would add a spark of interest to the mix.
    Thanks for sending my order last week so quickly!