Crystal Sneak Peek
New Beads, Pendants and Components!

New Swarovski Elements crystal is almost here! And to make the wait a little easier, I am going to give you a sneak peek of the new Swarovski shapes!

Swarovski has done it again. They have created a beautiful new bead shape – the Stairway bead. This is a rectangular bead with linear facets on both sides. The facets go in opposite directions so when you look through it a chessboard effect is created. This linear faceting can be seen in other beads from previous collections including the Lucerna, Helix, Twist and Chessboard beads. With a center-drilled hole, this bead will be easy to incorporate into designs with different shapes.

Adding to their line of Cosmic Rings, Swarovski has added an Organic Cosmic Triangle. They are perfect to add into your organic inspired designs as well as your modern, edgy designs.

I love the new Space Cut Sew-on Stone. The name says it all – the cut is clean and modern. Though it is a sew-on stone, the large triangle shaped holes make this easy to incorporate into your jewelry. Unlike most sew-on stones, the Space Cut comes in colors without a foil back.

The Be Charmed beads are Swarovski’s addition to the large hole bead, charm bracelet craze. There are two cuts to choose from, the classic briolette and the helix. Both have a stainless steel core with a 4.5mm hole. Combine these beads into your existing charm bead bracelet or start a new one for that special someone.

Crazy 4 U, Devoted 2 U, Miss U, Forever 1, Truly in Love

I think my favorite part of the latest line is all of the new crystal heart pendants. These are part of Swarovski’s designer editions. Created in collaboration with designer, Manish Arora, the 5 new designs tell a beautiful love story of the heart. Each individual piece is an expression of one of love’s different emotional states and is named accordingly.

Crazy 4 U captures the intense feeling of new love in a modern heart. As love grows, the heart becomes Devoted 2 U. Sometimes we are not able to be with our loved ones. The empty heart-shaped hole shows that your love will always be in your heart as we Miss U. Two hearts are Forever 1. The two sides of the heart come together in the center with a matte line symbolizing togetherness. We all strive to be Truly in Love – to have that eternal, everlasting love.

The heart is a timeless symbol of love. It can be used in various jewelry pieces throughout the year. They also work beautifully in all wedding jewelry.

With all of these amazing new pieces, I hope you are as excited as I am to start designing.

Sparkle! – Lindsay

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New Beads, Pendants and Components!

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