Bead Challenge: Part 2

It has been a couple weeks since our Bead Challenge: Part 1 blog, and we now have results! Four designers on the creative team were given two hours, one color idea and $25 to create a pair of earrings. Everyone thought it would be so easy to make one pair of earrings in two hours, but we found ourselves scrambling around feeling just as stressed out as the contestants on Jeopardy when that countdown song comes on. One of the best things for a beader is stress, because it’s during those times that our creative gears have to really step up to the plate. The photo above shows you what we have all created and I have to say that I am so proud of us! Lindsay used a very unique combination of a lark’s head knot and pearl knotting – floating beads to make her sparkly, yet dainty, creation! Mollie used a combination of crimping with Soft Flex and simple loop with wire to form a beautiful seed beaded piece! Cody had the challenge of cutting chain efficiently and wire wrapping crystal beads to the chain so that both earrings matched, but her unique brass creation with a stunning red magma cosmic sew-on stone was well worth it because it’s breath-taking! My earrings were made with the covering a component technique as well as the filling a component technique, which achieved a cool assymetrical sparkle that really fills in the silver-filled marquise beautifully!

It’s amazing what you can come up with for only $25 when you use a color idea and your brain for inspiration! Now it’s your turn!

Time to bead! – Sara

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