The Best Necklaces of 2010!

This year was a big one for necklaces. Not just for, but for the whole world of fashion! 2010 was a year of  bold and chunky necklaces, bib-style necklaces and mixed media necklaces. We have gathered the best necklaces from our Inspiration gallery, and they are all spot on with these fascinating trends! If you are a lover of the big, bold focal piece necklace, you can’t go wrong with Angelic, Dinner Party or Wine on the Dock! These necklaces utilize fun styling, big beads and interesting media to acheive that unique, bold look!

Another fun trend in necklaces is the bib-style necklace. Two of our best necklaces are fun variations of this style! Gilded Garden utilizes beautiful mixed metal filigree components to create a lush floral centerpiece. Get Your Gears Turning features a funky medley of enameled gears that come together into a fabulous steampunk design!

Mixed media techniques are some of our favorites at, and resin and glazes have become staples in our world (and yours too, we hope)! Wild Poppies, Woodland Berry and Wisteria Garden are all nature-inspired wonders made with metals, beads and resin or glaze! Check out all of our best necklaces of 2010 in our Inspiration gallery!

Happy Holidays! – Sara

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