On the 10th Day of Christmas

…I am giving you my favorite gift idea yet, cell phone charms! Because I am a jewelry designer, my mom, sisters-in-law and friends always anticipate that I’ll make them jewelry for Christmas. As much as I love making unique jewelry pieces for each person in my life, sometimes I want to mix it up a bit so they’ll be really surprised. This year I decided to make personalized cell phone charms! If any of your friends or family members don’t have a cell phone, they could always use the charm as a keychain instead. One of the two charms I have featured here is the 12th Man Charm, which is inspired by Seahawks football! While I used green, blue and silver crystals to accent the football charm, you could use any Swarovski Elements 4mm crystal bicone color combination to represent the team of your choice! The other charm I’ve made is called I Heart Cats and I promise that every cat lover in your life will love it! Check out our other silver charms that you can use for your own unique cell phone charm! With this gift idea, you can make super easy personalized gifts on a budget and they will be great for children and adults, guys and girls!

Happy Holidays! – Sara

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