New One Ounce ICE Resin!

I love using ICE Resin, but I find myself saving up resin projects until I have enough use for the 30mL minimum amount of ICE Resin that I have to mix up. I’ve always wished there was a way I could just mix up enough resin to fill one bezel without wasting a huge amount of it.  ICE Resin has granted my wish and created a one ounce ICE Resin dispenser, which I can use for little projects like touching up or doming a piece! With my bottles of ICE Resin, I had to be very careful to mix the two parts equally, but now I can just push and stir with no worries that I’ll mix the wrong ratio of resin and hardener!

Here are some tips I discovered while playing with the new ICE Resin dispenser! When you open up your one ounce ICE Resin package, stand it up with the dispenser side pointing upward in order to let the air bubbles float to the tip of the dispenser. This will prevent resin from spilling out when you cut the dispenser tips.  Pop out the rectangular lid from the dispenser and then cut the tips at the widest groove on the tip. To use the ICE Resin, just flip the dispenser over and push both parts out into a cup.  Make sure to use equal pressure on either side of the plunger as you carefully push the resin into the cup.  From this point, you can use your resin just like the bottled resin – stir for two minutes, then play! Don’t forget to check out our Beading Techniques for more ICE Resin tips and techniques!

The new one ounce ICE Resin dispenser is fantastic not only because it can be used in small quantities and it doesn’t need to be measured, but it’s also the perfect size for those of you who want to try working with resin for the first time! The smaller dispenser is also the perfect size to be a stocking stuffer! Trust me, I have already tested it in my stocking and mentioned it to Santa.

Off to play with my new resin!  –  Sara

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