Happy 13th Anniversary!

It’s our anniversary! I’m excited to say that Fusion Beads is celebrating its anniversary this week. Thirteen years ago, Fusion Beads opened its retail doors. Then 6 years ago, the long awaited FusionBeads.com was born and the world was introduced to us! Since then, we have continued to grow with the help of you, our loyal customers. We’re beaders just like you and are always on the search for what is new, creative and interesting. Because of this, we have always prided ourselves on carrying new items, showing you new inspiration pieces and teaching you new beading techniques, all in the effort to inspire you and make your jewelry designs amazing.

Thank you for 13 great years! We look forward to beading with you in the years to come.

Sparkle! – Lindsay

2 comments to Happy 13th Anniversary!

  • Dorothy

    Congratulations! And thank you for being such a great enabler for my passion to bead!!!

  • Jessica

    Happy Anniversary! (a few days late, lol). Thanks for the website, I’m so thrilled I stumbled upon it! Thanks for the free shipping! And the ability to order how much or how little I want, even if it is only one bead!!


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