Stamped Metal Jewelry

We just got in a terrific new book, Stamped Metal Jewelry, by Lisa Niven Kelly.  If you’ve ever thought about trying a stamping project, this is the book for you!Stamped Metal Jewelry

The amount of valuable information in this book is amazing. It takes you through all the basics of the tools and materials you need. Lisa has been beading for over 15 years and has tried out just about every tool ever made, so her information is thorough. Not only will you learn to stamp on metal, you will also learn a myriad of metalsmithing techniques such as dapping, riveting, sawing, cutting and hammering.

Then you get to the projects – and they are awesome (that’s the Lisa coming out in me)! They start with the basics of stamping and nice, simple projects. Then they quickly advance to projects that will challenge and inspire even intermediate to advanced beaders. She includes fabulous projects from top beading instructors: Janice Berkebile, Tracey Stanley, Lisa Claxton, Kriss Silva, Kate Richbourg and Connie Fox.

Stamped Metal Jewelry DVD

To top it all off, a great DVD is included in the book! On it,  Lisa shows you all the tools and supplies needed, walks you through the basics of stamping and then guides you through a simple stamped pendant, start to finish. A bonus project not included in the book is on the DVD, so don’t miss it!

Get the book, some stamping blanks, and letter and design stamps to play with and have fun!

I can’t wait to pull out my tools and try out the Double Decker Pendant project from the book!

Happy Beading!- Katie

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