Tronex, the Cadillac of cutters

Tronex cutters

Tronex cutters handle so smoothly. They give me a perfect cut every time. The precision-engineered blades make a razor flush cut perfect for when I’m fusing fine silver. Tronex brand cutters are good for everyday cutting as long as you stay within the recommended cutting parameters. (No heavier than 18 gauge sterling or 14 gauge fine silver). It’s the major joint in these cutters that keeps them cutting flush every time. If you cut wire that is too heavy, you will damage that sensitive joint, and they will no longer cut flush. But if you love your Tronex, they will love you back. I have had mine for more than 6 years. I use them to cut rings that I fuse, and my Tronex have never given me any trouble.

Till next time – Sam

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  • Anne

    I really need this particular type of side cutter. Where can I purchase it and how much does it cost? Don’t want to have to sell my first born.

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