Swarovski Trend Forecast Fall/Winter 2016/17!

In their Fall/Winter 2016/17 trend report, “Power to Shine”, Swarovski focuses on the concept of resilience, reflecting as it does a desire for resistance against the given and the established. This season, Swarovski salutes the worldwide rise in activism from people of all genders and walks of life across the globe as we look […]

Swarovski Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2016!

Swarovski’s newest Trend Forecast has arrived for Spring/Summer 2016: Between Heaven and Earth! This season focuses on the dual intertwined aspects of our desire for increased communication and our desire for a better future, and revels in the powerful communcation of symbols that express our ultimate goals: happiness, strength, hope, prosperity, and peace.


Swarovski Trend Forecast Fall/Winter 2015/16!

The latest Swarovski Trend Forecast for the Fall/Winter 2015/16 Innovations is here! Titled “Secrets of the Soul”, this report takes a glimpse into the impact of digitalization upon our lives and where this is leading us. As people, on a global scale, have started to realize that algorithms cannot replace real human contact and […]

Swarovski Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2015!

In their Spring/Summer 2015 trend report, “Traces of Time”, Swarovski highlights the increased focus on the age in our society and the impact of this trend on a global scale. Style is shaped by a sense of nostalgia and becomes both a reminder of past paths that we have walked and a celebration of […]

Swarovski Trend Forecast Fall/Winter 2014/15!

The latest Swarovski Trend Forecast is here for Fall/Winter 2014/15! Titled Opposites Attract, the forecast focuses on both individualization and collectivity, its polar opposite. The four themes feature intentional mergings of seemingly opposite colors and products that, when combined, seem as though they have always belonged together, resulting in an entirely new style that […]

Swarovski Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2013!

Swarovski has impressed us once again with their amazing trend themes for Spring/Summer 2013! For their trend forecast in the coming year, Swarovski has focused on the concept of The Celebration of Life. They suggest that humanity has reached a saturation point, both in consumerism and with natural catastrophes and political revolutions. Through all […]