Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

An unexpected tool mark can ruin a project. I’ve shared tricks in the past for taking the edge off your pliers with Tool Magic and painters tape. You can use today’s trick to prevent marks when punching holes in metal!

Metal hole punch pliers and piercing systems can both leave an unwanted impression around the hole in […]

YES Bracelet By Becky Nunn!

Learn to make this delightful bracelet from Becky Nunn of Nunn Designs. Click here to download the PDF instructions.

Supplies Needed: PE3383 – 1 x 16 x 13mm Antique Gold Plated Pewter Rustic Heart PE3548 – 1 12.7 x 12.3mm Antique Gold Plated Pewter Mini Hammered Circle BM3325 – 2 6mm Antique […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Metal stamping has always been very difficult for me due to repeated multiple breaks in my left wrist. When I would try to hold the stamp in my left hand, the position in which I had to hold and grip the stamp would always cause the wrist pain to flare up, leading […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

One of the nice things about investing in a high end metal stamping set is that these stamps come with a mark on the side of the stamp that is held by your thumb to help you orient the letter, number or image. It’s easy to stamp an upside-down letter in your piece, […]

Keep Your Soldier Near at Heart This Valentine’s Day!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I find myself thinking about those military families who can’t be with their soldiers on Valentine’s Day. I had to struggle through that difficult situation three years ago when my husband Matt was stationed in Iraq on Valentine’s Day during his time serving in the United States Air Force. […]

Tag! You’re It!

All parents want the best for their children, so why not give the best to your pets too?  As much as I try to tell myself that my two puppies should live like animals, I still can’t stop myself from buying cute Halloween costumes and plush little beds for them. Since I’ve […]