Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Needling the Thread

Choosing the best tools and products to use while working on a project is no laughing matter. With so many choices to choose from, knowing what will work best for you can be overwhelming!

Doing a little research can be a great place to start before buying materials. Checking out blogs (like ours […]

Tuesday Tips & Tricks

One of my favorite techniques for covering the inside of a component is using Brick Stitch! The finished look is delightfully boho chic as well as an awesome statement piece. A great way to successfully create a design using brick stitch is to guesstimate the amount of beads you will need to fill your […]

Designer Spotlight – Meet Allie

My name is Allie and I have been with the Fusion Beads team since 2005! I started out at the Fusion Beads Seattle store location, but after a couple of years I made my way to our website where I now make jewelry to inspire people to create. It doesn’t get much better than […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

In the last few years I have really noticed a dramatic shift in the beading world, a bead renaissance if you will. With the introduction of so many new multi-hole Czech glass beads, beaders have enjoyed the opportunity to truly stretch their weaving skills. There is a myriad of amazing 3 dimensional weaves and […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I am super excited that Fusion Beads is now offering Size 15 Charlotte Czech Seed Beads. There are two reasons why:  The first is shape. Charlottes have one flat facet cut into the side of the bead. This facet reflects the light and gives your seed bead piece a subtle sparkle and flair.Second, Charlottes […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Anyone that knows me can tell you I am not an organized person by nature. When it comes to making jewelry I often say, “Creation is messy!” as I sprawl out and take over the living room with my latest project. But as my beading supplies have grown in quantity and my projects have […]