Stacked Rhinestone Cup Chain Rings!

I am totally in love with the new Preciosa Czech Crystal Rhinestone Chain we just launched! As we worked on our inspiration using the new rhinestone cup chain, I noticed we had several little sections of chain left over, so I thought they would make cute ring embellishments!

First, I gathered the tools and supplies I would […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

There are lots of reasons not to finish a beading project. I’ve abandoned designs when I’ve run out of supplies, time or even inspiration. Many jewelry projects can be taken apart to reuse the materials, but half-finished loom projects are hard to dismantle and feel to me like a waste of thread. If […]

Everyone Needs an Eyeball Ring!

Eyeballs, toad warts, newts and bat wings – these are the necessary ingredients to a great potion… OR a great piece of jewelry! Today I was inspired to make a little Halloween-themed ring with crystal clay and Swarovski Elements Crystal Chatons. You would think that I would be making a super sparkly crystal […]

Using Jewelry Clay as an Adhesive!

I am sure by now you have seen how fun it can be to use Crystal Clay or DeCoRe’ Clay with Swarovski Elements Crystal Chatons to make sparkly jewelry, but did you know that you can also use Crystal Clay or DeCoRe’ Clay as an adhesive? What makes this a  great adhesive alternative […]

How to Prop Up Bezel Rings or Cuff Links To Fill With Resin!

We have just launched a fantastic new line of affordable bezel rings and cuff links! Filling a bezel ring or cuff link with resin uses the exact same technique as filling a bezel pendant with resin…almost. The only difference is that the back sides of bezel rings and cuff links are not flat! You can’t […]