Gabby’s Favorite Things!

When it comes to beading, my brain is all over the map. There are so many radically different materials and techniques fighting for my attention upstairs that there is no real continuity in my projects – today I am working on seed beads, tomorrow I am soldering. My personal beading habits kind […]

Allie’s Favorite Things!

It’s that time for me to pick my favorite things! As a Jewelry Designer here at I get to use a lot of amazing beads and other fun products! From sparkling Swarovski Crystal beads and components to beading techniques, there’s always something to obsess over! I’ve decided to list the things that first come to mind when I […]

Sara’s Favorite Things!

It’s that time again – time for another one of the folks here at to share her favorite things with you! This time around, the lucky staff member is me, Sara, your daily blog writer! I couldn’t wait for my turn to share my favorite things with you because I have oh so […]