Use Glass Domes for Quick and Easy Gifts!

When you are in a rush to get your personalized holiday gifts made, you don’t always have the time to work with ICE Resin or glazes that take a while to dry. I have a secret that can save you lots of time and even lots of money on supplies! carries a line […]

Transparency Papers and Resin!

We have just launched some great new Easy Peasy paper pads and new Nunn Design collage items. One of the coolest things about these paper pads is that most of them are made to fit perfectly with Nunn Design collage pendants! I am especially excited because some papers are made of transparent plastic with […]

I Heart Flat Back Crystals

I’ve been teased by many of my friends about my flat backing. I love flat backs! I love to add them to anything – wood, resin, paper and especially other crystals. I mean, who doesn’t want crystals on crystals? The more sparkle, the better! To glue on flat back crystals takes patience and strong […]