Welcome to Our NEW Website!

Have you heard? FusionBeads.com has some awesome new changes and I’m thrilled to welcome all of you to our brand new website! Working on the Customer Support Team here at Fusion, I know firsthand how much we listen to our customers and how valuable your feedback is to us. Because you asked, we’ve improved […]

We Love Stringing Magazine!

Every time a new Stringing Magazine comes through our door here at FusionBeads.com, each of us in the creative room stops whatever we are doing so we can check out all the fun new designs! A couple of weeks ago,when we received the Winter 2010 issue, we had much more to cheer about than just the […]

Bead Challenge: Part 2

It has been a couple weeks since our Bead Challenge: Part 1 blog, and we now have results! Four designers on the FusionBeads.com creative team were given two hours, one color idea and $25 to create a pair of earrings. Everyone thought it would be so easy to make one pair of earrings in […]

Tag! You’re It!

All parents want the best for their children, so why not give the best to your pets too?  As much as I try to tell myself that my two puppies should live like animals, I still can’t stop myself from buying cute Halloween costumes and plush little beds for them. Since I’ve […]

Welcome to the Creative Room!

Welcome to the Creative Room! Here, six talented women of the FusionBeads.com team will share with you their years of knowledge in order to inspire your beading creativity. We are constantly trying to improve our own beading and jewelry knowledge. Drawing inspiration from beads, jewelry trends, fashion and art, we want you to create […]